10+ Baby Boy Quilt Patterns To Make

Browse these gorgeous baby boy quilt patterns and read our tips on how to choose color, size, and fabric for a baby boy quilt.

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When it comes to welcoming a new baby boy into the world, few gifts are more personal than a handmade quilt. In this article, we’ll explore the joys of making a quilt as a gift for a newborn baby boy. From choosing the perfect fabrics to creating a design that’s both practical and stylish.

What Is a Baby Boy Quilt?

A baby boy quilt is usually a smaller quilt that is designed specifically for a baby boy. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. 

And, as we quilters know, baby quilts do not only keep babies warm and cozy while sleeping or playing but are also a great decorative piece for a baby’s nursery.

What Size Is a Baby Boy Quilt?

When it comes to baby quilt sizes there is no right or wrong. Baby boy quilts come in a variety of sizes (and even shapes) and you can choose whichever works best for the specific needs of the little one or the design of the quilt top.

Generally speaking, the size of baby boy quilts is about 30”-45” inches by 30”-45” inches. If you’re making a quilt for a newborn, you might want to stay on the smaller side. If the baby is older and you want the quilt to grow with them, go with something larger. Specifically, if you’re making a quilt for a crib, the standard crib quilt size is  36” x 52”, which fits nicely onto the crib mattress (which is 28 x 52”). 

Read more about standard quit dimensions in our Quillt Size Guide. A downloadable Printable Quilt Size Chart is included, so you will always know the basic quilt sizes.

How to Choose Colors for a Baby Boy Quilt?

Here are some tips you might want to consider when choosing colors for a baby boy quilt:

  1. Blue is a classic choice for baby boys, so this is a safe go-to color. But don’t be afraid to mix it up with other colors as well. Greens, grays, and yellows are all great choices. Of course, you might not want to be this gender specific. If you want to go with something more out-of-the-box, by all means, go for it. Just make sure the parents share your point of view and will understand your creative choices. 
  1. Think about the baby’s nursery decor or the colors that the parents have chosen for the boy’s room. You may want to choose colors that complement or match the existing decor.
  2. What kind of overall tone do you want to convey? Go with soft pastels to create a soothing and calming effect or choose brighter colors to get a more stimulating and energizing effect.
  3. Relate to the season or time of year when the baby is due. Warmer, brighter colors may be more appropriate for spring and summer, while darker, cooler colors may be better for fall and winter.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures as well. Mixing different colors and fabrics can add interest and depth to your quilt. Quilts for baby boys often feature themes that are associated with boys, such as sports, cars, animals, or outer space. 

To give you a starting point, we’ve gathered five ideas for fabric pulls with a combination of prints and solids. We like to start off with a print as the base and then pair it with different solids (usually colors that you find in the print) for a balanced finished look.

All these cute fabrics are part of the pbs fabrics collection.

  1. Shape Friends – Shape Play Toss
    China Blue – Bright Aqua – Lemon
  1. Jungle Love – On The Move
    Danube – Jolly – Lemon
  1. Working Wheels – Race Car
    China Blue – Jolly – Clementine
  1. Working Wheels – Road Bump
    Linen – Clementine – Smoke
  1. Dino Daydreams – Rockets
    Aruba – China Blue – Danube

How to Choose Fabric for a Baby Boy Quilt?

The fabric for a baby quilt should be soft, cozy, and durable. Baby quilts will likely go through a lot of wear and tear, so you’ll want to choose fabrics that can withstand frequent washing and use. The usual quilting cotton is a great choice for baby quilts as it’s natural and durable.  But other fabrics, such as flannel or minky are also popular choices for baby quilts. 

Some fabrics, like minky, can be more difficult to sew than others, so if you’re a beginner, you may want to stick to cotton or flannel.

How to Choose a Baby Boy Quilt Pattern?

When choosing a quilt pattern think about the baby boy, their nursery, and his parents. You probably have an idea of what they like or what they’ve shared about their little one. 

If the baby boy’s nursery has a particular theme or color scheme, you may want to choose a pattern that complements or matches it. For example, a traditional Ohio star quilt in a modern color palette could be a great addition to a space-themed nursery.

If you would like to make a quilt pattern where you can use many colors or prints (or want a scrap-friendly project), look for patterns pieced from smaller blocks. Usually, these are half square triangles, quarter square triangles, or squares. If you would like to show off a specific print or fabric, look for patterns with bigger blocks and geometric design to emphasize these surfaces.

To give you an imagination boost for your next quilting project, we’ve gathered some gorgeous baby boy quilts you can make. Most of them are free, but we’ve added some paid patterns, as well. They’re just too cute not to share!

Free Baby Boy Quilt Patterns

Simple Patchwork Color Blocked Baby Quilt by Polkadot Chair

This is a quick baby quilt for boys from Polkadot Chair. The checkered pattern gives you tons of options whether you’re using solids, prints, or scraps. Pair the dark squares with a light background to balance the colors and prints, as Melissa did in her quilt.

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt by Purl Soho

This pattern is a modern take on to the traditional broken dishes quilt pattern. Colorful quarter square triangle blocks are arranged randomly all over the quilt top. Most of the blocks are made in neutral black and brown tints, making the few red and blue triangles really pop. 

The Flying Goslings by Designed to Quilt

Ula designed this eye-catching Flying Gosling pattern when her son was born. With this simple pattern, you will become the flying geese block master. 🙂 Pieced from just one quilt block it comes together really fast and is simple enough to be made in various colors and prints combinations. 

Arrows Aweigh by Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Here is another example of a simple one-block quilt with a high visual impact. The large-scale flying geese blocks are quick to make and form a really clean modern look. A win-win! I’d say as long as you stick to one colorway, you can combine as many prints as you wish. The white background will do its magic and balance the prints out keeping the look of the quilt top fresh and clean.

Snuggle Bunny: Free Bunny Quilt Pattern
When you see this cute bunny quilt pattern, you immediately fall in love, right? Imagine how cute it would be with a newborn baby cuddling in it. The project might seem complicated but the quilt is essentially just a simple rectangle with ears. 🙂 The quilt top is mostly pieced by the same elements forming a row, the ears are FPP pieced and the bunny face is made with the applique technique. Follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this cute bunny quilt.

Green Gradient Quilt by Alderwood Studio

I just love the tenderness this quilt has. The simple modern stripey design is very versatile.  Make it in an ombre colorway, solids, or different prints. 

Easy Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt by Polkadot Chair
If you are looking for a simple quilt pattern where you can use just fabrics with prints, this one is for you. This striped quilt is made of stripes of different widths and uses six prints. And there is no need to buy new fabric – you can make the whole quilt completely from scraps.

Baby Quilt Patterns for Boys

Woven Baby Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting

The large woven pattern is a perfect choice if you want to play with more than one or two colors. Choose a color for each ’thread’ and make this fun pattern playing with lines disappearing under each other. 

Custom Baby Quilt by Cotton and Joy

How cute is this fresh and gentle baby quilt. The colorway with bright blue and green tints gives it a special tender feel, perfect for a newborn. This pattern is inspired by the Inside Out Star Quilt by Then Came June. Making it as a four-star block turns it into a perfect little baby quilt.

Deep Diving Quilt by Designed to Quilt

This pattern is super special for us because it is the very first DTQ pattern. With its large shapes and geometric lines it’s the perfect choice for all minimalists. It’s very quick to make making it a great choice for a last-minute gift. Its eye-catching design will keep the little one amused while cuddling or playing. 

So is there a baby boy that needs a quilt in your life? Or maybe I should say – Is there a baby boy in your life? Because every baby needs a (minimum of one) quilt of their own.

Hope these baby boy quilt patterns sparked joy and inspired you to make one! 

Baby Boy Quilt Patterns FAQ

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