Quilt Math Done for You!

Use our free online quilting calculators to calculate fabric requirements for backing and binding, block sizes, and more.

We know how frustrating quilt math can be. Not everyone loves playing with quilting formulas and the good news is – now you don’t have to!

Whether you’re planning your quilt top and need help determining quilt block sizes, or you’re finishing your quilt – we all know how much quilt math goes into just the backing and binding – our quilting calculators have got you covered!

Finishing a Quilt Calculators

If you’re finishing your quilt, you’ll need to calculate the batting requirements, the backing fabric yardage, and the binding – either straight grain binding or bias binding. Plug your numbers in our quilt calculators and get sewing asap!

Quilt Design Calculators

Designing your quilt pattern? Or perhaps you want to scale a pattern to a different size? Use our quilt design calculator to calculate the fabric requirements for your quilt top!

How to use our Quilting Calculators?

Our quilt calculators are super easy to use! All you have to do is enter the required values – these are always very easy-to-get numbers, such as quilt top size, desired block size, etc. Then press CALCULATE, and the quilting calculator will run the calculation for you.

Each of our quilting calculators has an in-depth explanation of how to read the quilt calculator results. So you shouldn’t have any problem getting the numbers you need.

We also try very hard to provide different tutorials and guides on our blog for whatever you are working on. So make sure you read the suggested further reading!

Is there a Quilting Calculator App?

We’ve gotten so many requests to build a quilting calculator app that we knew we had to do something about it.

The DTQ Quilting Calculator is coming in 2024! We’re planning to offer some pretty amazing discounts for all you early birds, so get on the DTQ App waitlist and be notified the second it’s available!


Let Quilt Geek do the quilt math for you!

Suggestions or Questions?

If you have any kind of questions or suggestions regarding our quilting apps (or anything else, for that matter) send us a quick email!

We love hearing from our readers and we’d be happy to help you!

Disclaimer: Our calculators have been exclusively designed and copyrighted by Designed to Quilt. They are made available for unrestricted use, solely intended for personal, non-commercial purposes. Designed to Quilt does not provide any warranty or representation regarding the calculators’ functionality or precision. Designed to Quilt will not be held liable for any damages resulting from their utilization.

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