Flying Geese Calculator

Our flying geese calculator uses the flying geese formula to give you the required fabric pieces for your desired flying geese measurements!

Are you here because you need the flying geese formula? Well, this is even better – it’s a flying geese calculator.

This handy flying geese calculator will calculate the size of starting squares you need to make the desired flying geese measurements. It will give you two options, depending on which flying geese method you plan to use: 1-at-a-time (also known as the stitch and flip method) or 4-at-a-time flying geese.

How To Use The Flying Geese Calculator?

To run the flying geese calculation, simply enter the desired finished width of your flying geese block.

We recommend using 0.25” increments for your finished flying geese width. (i.e. 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75 etc.)

NOTE: Finished size vs. unfinished size of a flying geese block

The finished size of the flying geese (FG) block is the size you want your FG block to be AFTER you have sewn itinto the finished project. This is the size of the FG block WITHOUT the seam allowances.

On the other hand, the unfinished size is the size of the FG block BEFORE you sew to the other pieces. Normally, the unfinished size is ½’’ bigger than the finished size. That is because the unfinished FG block is sewn with a ¼’’ seam allowance on each side of the block – 2 times ¼’’ is ½’’.

The calculator will automatically return the finished FG height.

Press CALCULATE to run the calculation.

Reading The Results Of The Half Square Triangle Calculator

The calculator will do the flying geese block math and provide the following results:

Starting Pieces for the 1-at-a-time Flying Geese Method

For this method, you need to cut 1 large fabric rectangle (this is the fabric that will result in the large middle triangle) and 2 smaller fabric squares.

The calculator provides the width and height of the 1 required starting rectangle and the size of the 2 required starting squares.

Starting Pieces for the 4-at-a-time Flying Geese Method

For this method, you need to cut 1 larger fabric square and 4 smaller squares. The larger fabric is what will result as the large middle triangle in your finished flying geese block.

The calculator provides the sizes of the 1 large and 4 small squares required to make the flying geese.

Flying Geese Dimensions

Additionally, the calculator provides the dimensions of the flying geese:

Unfinished FG size: the size you need to trim your flying geese to in order to get the required finished flying geese.

Finished FG size: the size of flying geese after they’ve been sewn in the finished project.

All calculations are rounded UP to the nearest 0.25’’ increment. (i.e. If the calculation is 3.613, the calculator automatically rounds it up to 3.75.)


The provided calculations minimize fabric waste. This means the calculated starting fabric pieces are just big enough to make the required size flying geese.
Make sure you use a scant ¼’’ seam when sewing your flying geese to allow for room for trimming.

Alternatively, if you want more room for trimming your flying geese blocks, increase the calculated starting fabric pieces by a ¼’’.

Flying Geese Block Instructions

There are two basic methods of making flying geese. We explain both of them in depth in our Flying Geese Block Tutorial:

Flying Geese Block Chart

If you ever find yourself scratching your head thinking ‘How exactly do I make these flying geese?’ you’re going to love this chart!

It includes not only the dimensions of the starting squares required to make different sized flying geese, but also handy construction diagrams. This way you’ll never wonder how different methods come together!

And best of all – the flying geese chart is completely free! Just sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get it straight into your inbox!

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