We’re Barbara & Ula

the creators of the Designed to Quilt blog and Quilt Geek, the ultimate quilting calculator app.
Our mission is to give you the tools you need to make quilts you love.

Here’s our story – short and sweet. We’ve been friends pretty much since the day we met while studying architecture.

After finishing school we both knew architecture wasn’t the career we wanted. We worked as graphic designers in different jobs for a while here and there before founding our design studio ‘Studio Lunapark’ in 2019.

It was soon after that that we fell in love with quilting. 

There is something very graphic and architectural about modern quilts, so we felt instantly drawn to the craft.

We’ve always enjoyed working with tactile materials so learning how to make quilts for us has been – and continues to be – a truly joyful process. 

And what we love even more is sharing what we learn with you!

Since we made our first quilts, we’ve created over a hundred tutorials & tips, and have gathered more project ideas than you can count. 

But more importantly, we have created some pretty amazing tools, such as our incredible quilting calculator app Quilt Geek.

Our app, printable resources, and easy-to-follow patterns have helped thousands of quilters like yourself in their own quilting journeys. We’re excited to have you join us!

Quilt Geek

If you leave here with one thing, it has to be our quilting calculator app – Quilt Geek.

Our handy mobile app features more than 20 easy-to-use quilting calculators and charts that help you plan, make, and finish quilts with accuracy and efficiency. From designing quilt tops and planning fabric usage to piecing quilt blocks and finishing quilts, Quilt Geek helps with quilt math every step of the way.

Try it out yourself with a free trial! You can download it on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Quilting Resources

The Ultimate Quilt Chart Pack is what you need if you hate going back and forth looking for quilt math formulas (when you’d rather be sewing instead!). The Chart Pack brings you all the charts and calculations you need in an easy-to-use printable bundle.

If you’re in desperate need of some help when it comes to finishing your quilts, then make sure you check out the Quilt Finisher Guidebook. Let us hold your hand as we take you through all the steps required to finish a quilt: basting, quilting, and binding!

Mirror Maze by Designed to Quilt
The Mirror Maze Quilt Pattern

Quilt Patterns

And of course, if you’re just looking for the next project to make (aren’t we all), you have to browse through the original DTQ quilt patterns. This is where all of this comes together, in creating beautiful quilts that will be loved for years to come!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need help with anything at all, let us know!

Send us an email (hello@designedtoquilt.com) or find us on our social channels:

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Deep Diving Quilt by Designed to Quilt
The Deep Diving Quilt Pattern
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