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I am a self taught quilter, and I have noone to show me or teach me how to do things IRL. You think your work is done when you make the quilt top, but in reality, there’s still so much to do. That’s why I LOOOOVE the Quilt Finisher Book. It’s like the girls took you by your hand and showed you every step of the process. And I love how there’s no nonsense, just the information you need. I will keep it by my side for every quilt I make!

– Maggie


You love the craft of quilting (don’t we all?), but sometimes it can be so frustrating to actually finish a quilt. All the quilt math, the backing fabric requirements, making quilt binding… It’s all too much!

We know how it is. You’ve really applied yourself to make that first (or second, or third…) quilt top and are feeling super proud of your work (as you should).

But after the quilt top is finished, it’s like you’re completely on your own. 
All the patterns only list vague instructions on what to do after you’ve finished the quilt top. And if you want to get information on the Internet… there’s just too much of everything!

So after all your hard work – you still don’t have a finished quilt! Urgh.
Let’s face it – there’s nothing more frustrating than putting all those hours into the quilt top, only to feel completely lost in what comes next.

And you’re not alone. Many quilters struggle with this!
Instead of enjoying your hard work in a beautiful quilt, you’ve only got a half-finished flimsy laying somewhere in the corner.

There’s just so much (complicated) work to do!

You have to somehow put together the backing. But the fabric you’ve chosen is not wide enough to actually cover the entire quilt back. So you have to somehow calculate the fabric requirements…?
And then the batting comes in completely different sizes. How much to get?

But that’s just the beginning. You have to then baste the quilt, quilt it and square it.
And then – binding! This is where so many quilters throw in the towel. How much fabric do you need, how to even put it together, and how to actually sew it on? 

It’s no wonder so many quilters quit before even trying.

But what if there was an easier way to actually finish your quilt?


And we’re here to help you finish your quilts!

We’re the designers and creators behind Designed to Quilt. We have spent the last few years learning about every little thing about quilting, so we can now help you master this beautiful craft!

We know how lost we felt when we made our first quilt top. But at the same time how much joy it brought us when we actually finished it. And we want you to feel that pride and sense of accomplishment, too!

That’s why we created the Quilt Finisher Guidebook.


The ultimate 3-phase guide that will help you finish your quilts in no time!

The Quilt Finsiher Guidebook is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use guide, designed to take you through every single step required to turn that quilt top into a finished quilt!

The Quilt Finsiher Guidebook was created to help quilters like you stop wasting time re-learning steps and struggling with complex mathematical equations so that you can focus on sewing instead!

If you are a beginner quilter lost in the complicated quilt math and quilt finishing tutorials or struggle to finish your quilt tops, this is an opportunity that we promise you will not want to miss.

I first found Designed to Quilt when I was trying to figure out how to actually quilt a top I’d made. And I am so glad I did! I love how they explain things and make everything seem so easy and doable. And this Finisher Guidebook is no different. You get all the steps you need to finish your quilt explained so you always know what you’re supposed to be doing.

– Christine S.


Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take to finish that quilt top!

Here’s what it would look like…

You always know WHAT is the next step

There are many steps to finish a quilt and many ways to do it. We’ll guide you through all the steps required to finish your quilt in a way that is the most beginner-friendly and efficient.

You know exactly HOW to do it

Our proven no-nonsense tutorials will teach you and show you what to do and how to do it. We provide pictures with all the steps, so you can see the process.

You never have to do quilt math again

Because we’ve done it for you! Forget struggling with complicated quilt formulas. We’ve done the work for you.

+ BONUS: quilting calculators that will calculate fabric requirements for ANY SIZE QUILT TOP

The Quilt Finisher has been so helpful. I thought I was pretty math-savvy, but honestly, there’s just so much to take into account when calculating backing and binding strips, etc. So having go-to charts AND calculators that do all of this for you is priceless!

– Anne


Get all the tools you need to finish your quilt top today.

When you purchase the Quilt Finisher Guidebook, you will get instant access to all the tools you need to start finishing your quilt tops without losing your mind in the process. Our proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to take your flimsy quilt top to a beautiful finished quilt, so you’ll never wonder what your next step should be.

At the core of the Quilt Finisher Guidebook is the comprehensive guide that will help you finish your quilt without the overwhelm. Our proven 3-phase guide will take you through every single step required to baste, quilt, and bind your quilt. With pictures and in-depth explanations you will become the quilt finisher you’ve always wanted to be!

A comprehensive checklist is included to help you keep track of all the steps required to get to the finish line. Print it out for each project for accountability and an overview of your work.

Quilt math is one of the main reasons quilters give up on finishing their quilts. No more quilt math for you! We’ve included pre-calculated charts with fabric requirements for backing and binding for 10 standard quilt sizes!

Making a non-standard-size quilt? No problem! The Quilt Finisher Guidebook includes easy access to our exclusive quilt calculators. Calculate backing, batting and binding in no time for ANY SIZE QUILT TOP!

I swear, since I have the Designed to Quilt Roadmap, I’ve gotten so much better at finishing my quilts. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to do the work, but they take you through every step and explain it like you’re five. I also really like ticking off the steps on the checklist – it makes me want to get it done!

– Laura S.


The best, most efficient way to finish your quilts!

There are many different options when it comes to finishing your quilt.
This is partly why so many beginners get lost and find it so complicated.

The Quilt Finisher Guidebook will show you what we have found is the best, most beginner friendly, and most efficient method of finishing your quilts.


Is beginner friendly

Making a quilt is hard enough as it is, no need to complicated even more by using methods that require advanced sewing skills and experience. Our method is the most beginner-friendly way to finish your quilt (while still achieving impressive results!).

Can be done with a domestic sewing machine

Our method is designed so you can get to the finish line in the comfort of your own home or sewing space. All the steps can be sewn on a domestic sewing machine. So if you sewed the quilt top, you can finish it, as well!

Saves you money

Quilting is not a cheap hobby, so why spend money when you don’t need to. The Quilt Finisher Guide teaches you how to quilt your own quilts at home and save some serious $$$ you’d otherwise spend on longarming services. (So you can spend it on new fabric instead!)

I always go to Designed to quilt whenever I have a quilting question and usually find the answer on their blog. So I was more than happy to buy their guide and it is worth every penny!
– Kayla M.



The Quilt Finisher has been so helpful. I thought I was pretty math-savvy, but honestly, there’s just so much to take into account when calculating backing and binding strips, etc. So having go-to charts AND calculators that do all of this for you is priceless!

– Anne


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