13 Fantastic Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Jelly roll quilt patterns are the perfect choice when you need a quick make! Take a look at these fantastic jelly roll quilts and make your next quilting project a breeze!

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If you’ve been quilting for a while, I’m sure you already know about the beauty of precut fabric

It’s a. precut (obviously), which means you save some precious cutting time; and b. curated in gorgeous precut bundles, so you know all your fabrics will look great together.

And jelly rolls are no exception. These precut strips of fabric make a great starting point for an awesome quilt, so we thought we’d dive into some gorgeous jelly roll quilt ideas.

What is a jelly roll quilt pattern?

As the name suggests, jelly roll quilt patterns mainly use jelly roll precut strips. Jelly roll strips are usually 2.5’’ wide and 42’’ long and often come in gorgeous fabric bundle collections, called jelly rolls. Using them means you can skip the fabric-cutting step, which makes quilting projects quicker and easier, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter.

13 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Browse our favorite jelly roll friendly quilt patterns!

Riding The River Rapids By Kohatu Patterns

This striped quilt pattern offers plenty of choices for showcasing your jelly roll. You can follow the designer’s lead and create a rainbow quilt, or choose your own color combination. The bold vertical design element will consistently give your final quilt a bold and modern look.

Madeline Quilt Pattern By Penelope Handmade Shop

This is one of those patterns that scream (jelly roll) strips and I love that about it. Opt for a monochrome palette to emphasize the stripes, go for the always stunning ombre version, or even clear out your jelly roll scrap bin and create a scrappy vibrant quilt. The possibilities are endless, with the stripes taking the lead!

Tangled Quilt Pattern By Cluck Cluck Sew

Not only does this pattern use jelly rolls (which always speeds up the quilt top making process), it has another little secret. It uses the strip piecing method to speed up the process even more! So, while the final result may appear intricate, the pattern is actually assembled quickly, making it the perfect last-minute quilt idea.

Underlined By Designed to Quilt

Inspired by the simplicity of lines, we’ve designed this awesome geometric quilt pattern. It comes together surprisingly fast and results in a truly eye-catching design! You can probably easily figure out that our Underlined quilt pattern is jelly roll friendly as well. Plus, here’s the exciting part: you can get it for free when you subscribe to our newsletter.

Dorothy Quilt Pattern By Penelope Handmade Shop

This pattern is an excellent opportunity to practice strip piecing. If you’re new to the strip piecing method, you’ll be blown away by the simplicity of the technique. These small square elements come together quickly and precisely, resulting in this playful quilt.

Dashing By Primrose Cottages

This pattern is all about jelly roll stripes! Combining two different lenghts of horizontal and vertical stripes creates this joyful quilt top. It’s a fun and beginner-friendly quilt pattern.

Funhouse By GladHandSews Quilts

Here’s another fantastic quilt pattern pieced from jelly rolls! It’s a bit more challenging, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for beginners. Nonetheless, the stunning result serves as a fantastic motivation to embrace the challenge! While I adore this rainbow version, the monochrome version also packs a powerful punch.

Trellis Quilt Pattern By Cluck Cluck Sew

Surprisingly, this quilt, despite its lack of stripes, is crafted from pre-cut jelly roll strips! The smart use of negative space results in a strikingly modern design, offering countless options for experimenting with different color palettes.

Wink Quilt Pattern By The Dandy Patch

This playful star quilt creatively combines jelly roll strips with classic yardage. It’s a fun approach to make a colorful quilt and an excellent choice if you want to put your leftover jelly rolls to good use. The prominent use of larger shapes guarantees a bold and cohesive quilt top.

Floor Plan By Kristy Daum
It’s easy to see why this pattern called “Floor Plan,” as it resembles the basic elements of a modern floor layout, with stripes acting as walls and squares as columns. This geometric quilt pattern is definitely one of my top picks.

Matrix Quilt Pattern By Spring Leaf Studios

This striped quilt top is undeniably a fun project. The interplay of stripes creates a dynamic composition by the way they overlap and weave over one another. It’s almost like capturing a snapshot of an ongoing process – a true visual matrix!

PB&J Quilt Pattern By Ahhh Quilting

Try your quilting hand at making this maze-like quilt pattern. Mixing various prints with white stripes creates a striking and bold geometric design.

Washboard Road By Highway10 Designs

This pattern makes full use of jelly rolls,  shaping them into arrow patterns that produce a dynamic composition. I love how these simple shapes form such a striking design!

It’s time to draw the line cut the strip and conclude this list of my favorite jelly roll quilt patterns. I hope you’ve gathered some inspiration for your own jelly roll projects and are excited to get rolling! Feel free to share your experiences with us – we’d love to hear how it turns out!

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