13 Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns 

Looking for half square triangle quilt patterns? These mesmerizing HST quilt patterns are sure to inspire you to make an amazing quilt using this classic quilt block!

Hands up if you love half square triangles! Who doesn’t? Half square triangles (or HSTs) are such a classic quilt block. And it’s just amazing how many different quilt patterns this basic block can create.

If this is your first time making half square triangles, we’ve got a bunch of great resources for you. First, make sure you read our basic Half Square Triangle tutorial. This is where we teach you four different ways to make HSTs AND where you can get a very handy Half Square Triangle chart!

Then, you might want to check out our tips for perfect HSTs, which we shared during the Mirror Maze quilt along. The tips apply to pretty much all half square triangle projects. 

And finally, if you want to calculate the HSTs on your own, don’t forget about our Half Square Triangle calculator.

Now that we got the theory out of the way, let’s take a look at some HST quilt patterns, shall we?


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What is a half square triangle quilt pattern?

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s define these HST quilt patterns. As HSTs are such a versatile block, you’ll see them in so many different quilt patterns. Which is great.

But here, we’ll be focusing on patterns, where HSTs are the absolute stars. So if you’re looking for a pattern that will put your HST skills to work, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in!

Mesmerizing Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

Mirror Maze by Designed to Quilt

We’re starting off with one of our own. The Mirror Maze is a modern quilt pattern that takes the humble half-square triangle block to a whole new level. Make it in the limited-color colorway for a bold effect, or use up your scraps and make a fun multi-color version. 

We’ve gotten many comments on how quickly it comes together (it does, it’s super fast!). So if you’re looking for a quick projects with a big effect, this is it!

Victoria Beach by the Blanket Statement

We love the simplicity and modern vibes of all patterns by the Blanket Statement. And this one is no exception. It uses half square triangles to create this mesmerizing effect. The multicolor version kind of remind me of a kaleidoscope and I am loving it!

Herringbone quilt top with hand

Modern Ombre Herringbone by Designed to Quilt (FREE!)

We created this fun HST quilt pattern on a whim and we’re excited to share it with you for free! It uses ONLY half square triangles! And what we love about it is the 8×8 HST grid that makes it super easy to make all your blocks 8 at a time! Talk about a quick make!

Sail Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

Sail away with half square triangles with this Sail quilt pattern. Playing with different sized HSTs this pattern creates the illusion of sailboats out at sea. If you’ve got a sea lover in your life, they are going to love this sailboat regatta in a quilt!

HST Baby Quilt by DWQuilting

Sometimes (or almost all the time) the simplest really is the best! Here, HSTs are laid against a neutral background to create this adorable confetti effect. It’s really soo simple to make and a great intro project for first time HST makers!

Rise Via by the Crafting Shell

Talk about a modern take on a half square triangle. So simple, yet so effective. I love the play of scale and the clever use of color which really takes this design to the next level. (For some useful color theory tips, make sure you read our Quitling Color Schemes for the Modern Quilter).

Triangle Twizzle by Monday Morning Designs

You know how much we love color, so it’s no surprise this Triangle Twizzle pattern caught my eye. I love these kind of oversized half square triangles and their play with the negative space. Very bold and modern!

Pin Basting a Quilt

Summer Haze by Suzy Quilts

This is one of the half square triangle quilt patterns that made me fall in love with quilting. I love how the simple HST is used to create the diamond shapes, it’s just so clever. And that’s actually my pin basted Summer Haze in the picture. It’s one of the first quilts I made and I still use it lovingly every single day!

Sparkle Quilt by Twiggy and Opal

Colors, colors, colors! Make this fun Sparkle quilt pattern to show off your color picking skills. One of the reviewers wrote it’s like playing with a big box of crayons and I couldn’t agree more. It’s so colorful!

Solitaire by Homemade Emily Jane

If you’re looking for a simple, but striking half square triangle quilt pattern, this might be it. I love how elegant it is. You almost wouldn’t believe how simple the construction of this is. Use a combination of complimentary colors like the quilt in the picture for a truly inspiring end result.

Finding the Current by Bobbin In Quilts

Another simple yet stunning HST quilt pattern, Finding the Current plays with the scale of the almost infinite HSTs laid out across the quilt. The different HST sizes create a vibrating flowing visual effect, so the name is more than appropriate.

Clarendon Quilt Pattern by Nollie Bean

Both Barbara and I studied architecture, so modern shapes like these are engraved in our brain somewhere. It’s no wonder we feel instantly attracted to such modern geometric patterns. Jenni really did an amazing job plying with HSTs and basic rectangles and squares toc create this modern fresh design.

Dash by Heather Jones

Put your HST skills to the test with this cute Dash pattern. Play with colors and create an ombre effect like they did with this quilt in the picture. I think this would also look great in a monochrome ombre playing with different tints of one chosen color. Simple, but very cute!

Pink Lemonade by Shannon Fraser

This is another great pattern to tackle if you want to practice those half square triangles. Go with a minimal color palette for a very clean and fresh effect, or choose a multitude of colors for a more vibrant quilt. It looks good either way. (And how perfect is that backing in the pic!)

So has any of these half square quilt patterns convinced you to make your own? HSTs are definitely one of those basic quilting skills, so if you haven’t made a HST quilt pattern yet… this is your sign!

Happy sewing!


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