50+ Modern Star Quilt Patterns & Star Quilt Blocks

Get inspired by more than 50 paid and free star quilt patterns and traditional star quilt blocks. If you want a star quilt, start here!

Stars are one of the most basic motives found in quilt patterns. You’ll find them in traditional quilt blocks and modern patterns. And it’s no wonder! They are so versatile and create such beautiful quilts.

We’ve put together an overview of all sorts of star quilt patterns. We’ll start with the basic building blocks – that can be easily multiplied to create whole quilt tops. Then we’re sharing some inspiring free star quilt patterns, but also some paid star patterns – that are definitely worth buying!

Let’s get inspired by the stars!

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Star Quilt Blocks for Star Quilt Patterns

Many star quilt patterns out there are block-based. So many different star quilt blocks can be created using just the basic quilt blocks, such as half-square triangles and flying geese. So it’s not at all surprising that many traditional quilting blocks feature star motives.

Here are just some of the most basic (and some of our favorite) star quilt blocks that can be used to create star quilt patterns.

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

The sawtooth star quilt block is probably one of the most classic star quilt blocks in star quilt patterns. In its most basic version, it is created using four flying geese arranged around a central square unit.

sawtooth star quilt patterns

But the central square leaves lots of room for design upgrades, so you can make it your own!

8 point star quilt patterns

Half Square Triangle Eight-Point Star Quilt Block

Instead of using flying geese like for the sawtooth star quilt blocks, half-square triangles are used to create an 8-pointed star. You can go all in with the HSTs and us HSTs for the central square, as well. This allows you to use a larger variety of fabrics, which makes for a totally different outcome.

8 point star quilt patterns

You can go super scrappy and make all different HSTs. And with careful placement of fabrics in HSTs you can even create the effect of a Lemoyne star quilt block (which is much harder to make with its traditional technique).

le moyne star quilt block

LeMoyne Star Quilt Block

The LeMoyne star quilt block is also a version of 8-pointed star quilt blocks. What’s special about it is that it uses diamonds for each of its points. This means you have to deal with the tricky Y-seams, so it’s perhaps not among the most beginner-friendly stars quilt patterns.

Fran from Cotton and Joy has some great tips on how to make a LeMoyne star quilt block!

radiating star quilt block

Radiating 8-Pointed Star Quilt Block

This is another version of 8-pointed star quilt blocks. It’s a 9-patch block, that uses triangle in a square blocks. You’ll need templates or special rulers (Creative Grids has an excellent ruler for this) to make these – or make two half-rectangle-triangles to replace one triangle in a square.

triangle star quilt block

Triangle in a Square Star Block

This star block may look a lot different from the star quilt blocks above, but its construction is actually really similar to the radiating star. It uses the exact same blocks but arranges them so they form a 4-pointed star instead.

wonky star quilt block

Wonky Stars Quilt Block

While it’s not as traditional as some of the other star quilt patterns here, the wonky stars are a really fun block. They are somewhat similar to the radiating 8-pointed star quilt blocks, but because of their wonkiness appear much more modern – and fun!

An improv technique is used to create the points. Eliane from Patchwork and Poodles has an excellent wonky stars tutorial on her blog!

friendship star quilt block

The Friendship Star Quilt Block

The friendship star is a very basic quilt block, based on a 9-patch block. It uses half square triangles to create this simple pinwheel-like star quilt blocks.

double friendship star quilt blocks

The Double Friendship Star Quilt Block

If you like the look of a friendship star, but think it’s too simple, try a double friendship star quilt block. Instead of half-square triangles, this block uses split square QSTs (you can read all about how these are constructed in our quarter square triangle tutorial). With the right choice of colors, this layout creates the effect of two star layers.

ohio star quilt block

The Ohio Star Quilt Block

The Ohio star quilt block is one of those very traditional quilt blocks that you’ve definitely seen in star quilt patterns. It’s constructed using hourglass quarter-square triangles and a central square. We have an in-depth Ohio star tutorial with a free pattern you can see for more detailed instructions.

woven star quilt block

Woven Star Quilt Block

I love the look of a woven star! There are different ways to construct it, but probably the most basic is with split square quarter-square triangles and HSTs.

If you’re making a larger block you can even simplify by using squares and HSTs only – like Hailey does in her big block woven star tutorial.

lone star quilt block

Lone Star Quilt Pattern

A lone star quilt usually consists of only one lone star block. The block is composed of diamond pieces radiating from a central point. For some lone star inspiration, check out these incredible lone star patterns.

Free Star Quilt Patterns

Now that you know all the different basic star quilt blocks, here are some amazing free star quilt patterns. They take those basic star quilt blocks and transform them into beautiful creative quilt patterns!

Giant Star Baby Quilt Pattern by Polkadot Chair

If you’re looking for a quick and easy quilt pattern with a star motive, look no further. This baby quilt is created using large pieces, which makes for a super quick project. And it looks amazing!

Chunky Star Quilt by Sew Can She

There’s something mesmerizing about this pattern and I love the fabric combo! The pattern requires just three different 1-yard pieces of fabric!

Patchwork Panel Quit by Ruby Star Society

This pattern combines the simple sawtooth star quilt block with an adorable selection of panels by Ruby Star Society. I just love RSS fabrics!

Sawtooth Patchwork Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

If you – like us – like the simplicity of a simple patchwork quilt, but want to add a little interest, try this fun combo by Diary of a Quilter.

Ohio star quilt pattern

Simple Ohio Star Pattern by Designed to Quilt

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Here’s a basic Ohio Star quilt pattern. 

Double Star Quilt by Material Girl Quilts

Double Star Quilt by Material Girl Quilts

Make this simple but stunning double-star quilt. It should come together pretty quickly and with the right fabrics, it can be a real show-stopper.

No Point Stars by Cluck Cluck Sew

I love these simple star quilt patterns. And this one is cleverly designed so there are no points to match (hence the name). Choose from 5 quilt sizes and make your own!

Offset Star Quilt by Then Came June

Here’s another simple but effective star quilt pattern. Make it scrappy or choose just a few colors – it will look great either way!

Springtime Showers Mini Quilt Pattern by Ameroonie Designs for Polkadot Chair

This adorable pattern is for a mini quilt but you could easily multiply the blocks and make it into a baby-size quilt (or larger).

Ninja Stars Quilt Pattern by Sew Can She

If you’re looking for modern monochromatic star quilt patterns, this one looks amazing. It’s available in two sizes.

Maple Star Quilt by Ruby Star Society

Based on the classic sawtooth block, this pattern looks amazing in this scrappy version. Although, as a solids lover, I think it would look incredible in a solids version, too!

Tiny Wonderland by Polkadot Chair

Another adorable mini quilt, this pattern uses the split square quarter-triangle blocks. It’s a simple pattern, but the right fabric choices really make for an amazingly cute quilt.

Scrap Jar Stars by Gigi’s Thimble

If you love scrappy quilts, you’ll love this pattern. It’s a mix of a patchwork quilt and 8-point star quilt blocks.

When You Wish by Bonjour Quilts

Make a bursting star with this fat-quarter-friendly pattern. So colorful and so cute!

Giant Hunter’s Star Baby Quilt Pattern by Polkadot Chair

I am in love with this giant block baby quilt. The exaggerated size makes this the perfect last-minute gift and at the same time creates a very modern effect. 

Big Block Woven Star Quilt Pattern

Here’s another beautiful big block pattern. It features a woven star block, built entirely of squares and half square triangles. And it’s a fat-quarter-friendly pattern! So if you’ve got a few fat quarters lying around, this is a great pattern.

Fancy Star Quilt by Sew Can She

This is another fat-quarter-friendly pattern. And it’s a true explosion of color, so it’s perfect for color lovers like us!

Patchwork Star Baby Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

This is another great giant block quilt. It’s a mix of a patchwork quilt, an 8-point star, and a square in a square quilt block. And although that sounds super complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to make!

Superstar Quilt by Sew Can She

Put those flying geese skills to the test and make this gorgeous superstar quilt!

Basic Mixologie by Moda Fabrics

You will need special rulers to make this pattern, but I thought you might like it, so I included it anyway. I love the ombre effect and the white shining stars!

Star Quilt Block by Bonjour Quilts

This is not a full pattern, but I think these blocks would make such an amazing quilt, I just had to include them. And they’re perfect for using up leftover HSTs and other kinds of scraps!

Star Quilt Patterns to Buy

Of course, I can’t go past some incredible paid star quilt patterns. These are some incredible pattern designers who have some seriously creative takes on the traditional star quilt patterns.

Wish by Cluck Cluck Sew

Make these incredibly beautiful falling stars. You know we love the vibrant color version, but a more elegant, dark version is also included on the website.

Joyful Stars by Cotton and Joy

If you’re looking for beginner-friendly star quilt patterns, this one is perfect. It works with solids, prints, and scraps. So get star sewing!

Wild Starflower by Prarie Quilt Co

How beautiful is this starflower design? I also love this pink and green combo. Such a great use of the rules of the quilting color wheel.

Log Cabin Stars by Quilty Love

Throw some log cabins into the mix and you’ll get this fun starry log cabin pattern. The black accents in this quilt are incredible!

Zippy by Patchwork and Poodles

Here’s another fun star quilt pattern where the black fabric really makes everything pop. So fun!

Starling by Suzy Quilts

Make this fun star quilt pattern! Suzy has instructions for all sorts of versions, including an ombre version, and a layer cake one!

Imogene by Penelope Handmade

This medallion-style quilt pattern is assembled with blocks and lots of options!

Happy Patch by See Kate Sew

A fun mix of Ohio stars and basic Sawtooth blocks, this pattern is a lovely option if you’re looking for a basic star quilt pattern.

Confetti Star by Material Girlfriends

This confetti star uses the traditional Hunter Star – but with no Y-seams! It’s even layer cake friendly pattern.

Interlaced Stars by Alex Ti La Li La 

How stunning are these interlaced stars? I love how the simplest shapes can create such an intricate design.

Starhenge by Quilt Cakes

If you’re looking for a more intricate design that still has a modern feel, I think you’ll love this one!

Hyalite Star by Plains and Pine

You can go past star quilt patterns without mentioning Plains and Pine. She has so many amazing star designs – the Hyalite star is one of our favorites!

Strawflower by Side Lake Stitch

Make these radiating stars with a diamond center. So pretty, especially in these gorgeous colors.

Harvest Star by Patchwork and Poodles

I love this radiating effect around the simple sawtooth block. Very modern, don’t you think?

Edna by Penelope Handmade

This precut friendly pattern is a fun mix of stripes and star quilt blocks. It’s like a starry picnic blanket! I love it!

Sparkle More by Polkadot Chair

I love this dark sparkly quilt – the navy background is so fitting for this sparkle quilt!

In the Stars by Bonjour Quilts

This pattern features a clever starry design with triangular sparkles floating around the stars. I also really like the color choices in this quilt, so fresh and modern!

Boulted by Penelope Handmade

This pattern plays with a basic 8-point star and a friendship star, creating this intricate starry design.

X Marks the Star by Quilt Cakes

I love this fun play of Xs and stars. Quilt Cakes also has some amazing colorway ideas for you, so make sure you check it out!

Sawtooth Sparkle by White Plains Quilts

What a fun take on a classic sawtooth star. I love the effect these stacked ‘rocks’ create. And the solid fabrics really make this a super modern quilt.

What do you think? Have these star quilt patterns inspired you to make your very own star quilt? Or maybe the star quilt blocks have given you an idea for your own design! I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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