11 Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern Ideas

Itching to make a lone star quilt? Browse these amazing modern lone star quilt pattern ideas and get inspired to make your own!

If you’ve been around here for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed our fascination with traditional quilt blocks and quilt patterns – and star quilt patterns are no exception!

We’ve explored plenty of traditional patterns so far, like the bear paw quilt block, the log cabin block, and the pinwheel quilt pattern, to name a few. 

We find so much inspiration in these traditional designs. And while it may not always seem like it, many of our own patterns are directly influenced by these traditional blocks and patterns.

Recently, I’ve come across another one of these traditional-but-with-so-much-potential-for-modern patterns, the lone star quilt. And what’s even better, I’ve found so many incredible modern reinterpretations of the pattern, I just knew I needed to share.

So here it is. The lone star quilt.

What is a Lone Star Quilt Pattern?

A Lone Star quilt pattern, also known as a Lone Starburst or Texas Star quilt pattern, is a traditional quilting design that is characterized by a central 8-point star motif. This star is typically composed of diamond-shaped fabric pieces radiating outward from a center point to form a multi-pointed star. The star is often surrounded by background fabric, creating a contrast that makes the star design stand out.

The pattern can vary in size and complexity, with some Lone Star quilts having just a single large star in the center, while others have multiple stars arranged in a larger quilt design.

Traditionally, Lone Star quilts use a limited color palette, often with a vibrant and contrasting central star against a neutral background. However, modern quilters have adapted this pattern and may use a wide range of colors and fabrics to create their own unique interpretations. (And that’s what we’re here for, right?)


Is a Lone Star Quilt Hard to Make?

While I wouldn’t say it is a beginner project, the lone star quilt is definitely not as complicated to make as it looks. There are some sneaky tricks to it!

It uses the strip piecing technique to create stripey strip sets, which are then cut at a 45-deegree angle. This produces the typical diamond shaped pieces in continuous rows. The rows are then positioned next to one another and sewn to form diamond shaped segments. 8 segments are needed to form a star.

These diamonds are then sewn together and to the background pieces to form the star. This is where things do get a bit tricky, as traditionally, the diamond shapes require you to sew Y-seams. (Many modern patterns take this step out of the process and simplify the construction.)

There are plenty of tutorials that show you how to make a traditional lone star quilt out there, so I’m not going to go into any more detail here.

Honestly, with complex shapes like these, I think it’s easier to have a pattern to refer to. It will take you through all the steps required to make your lone star quilt.

11 Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern

While we love traditional quilt patterns as a source of inspiration, we love modern takes on classics even more. That’s why we’ve gathered 11 modern interpretations of the lone star quilt, that we think you’re going to love!

Not Alone Star by Plains and Pine

What’s better than one lone star? Multiple stars! Instead of a single star the Not Alone Star quilt is made up of multiple “lone” star blocks. I love this multi color version! But there are some other amazing colorways you can browse through in the designers’ shop. Bonus: no Y seams required!

Hyalite Star by Plains and Pine

This is another modern version of the lone star by Plains and Pine – I am super impressed with her takes on these stars, they’re so good! I am in love with the choice of colors in this one, creating these beautiful lace-like stars. This pattern is for a single block, but you can easily multiply it to create a quilt.

Little Lone Star by Patty Handmade

This baby quilt pattern is a pretty traditional take on the lone star. But you can see how the right choice of colors and fabrics can take the quilt into a modern direction. Another bonus is that the pattern uses either 16 fat eights or a jelly roll. Precuts = less time cutting! Great choice for a last minute gift.

Chevron Snowflake Quilt Pattern

This Chevron Snowflake pattern adds sashing strips and plays with the outer shape of the stars. Although the final effect is very different, the basic construction blocks are actually the same as in the traditional lone star quilt. And of course – the colors are gorgeous!

Orbital Star by Emma Jean Jansen

We’re not usually into super busy quilt patterns like this one, but there is something just mesmerizing about this quilt! You can skip the applique if you want for a more minimalistic effect. But what a show stopper!

Modern Lone Star by Blue Jaracanda

This lone star quilt pattern adds sashing strips between the diamonds in the lone star creating a fresh modern vibe. Use prints for the diamonds against a solid background or go with solids all the way. I think that would look amazing!

Mondrian Lone Star by Blue Jaracanda

This design is very similar to the previous one, but it’s a great example of how fabric choice can completely change the vibe of the quilt. Here, primary colors are used as an hommage to Piet Mondrian, creating a true De Stijl quilt.

Mariner’s Sunrise by Bramble Brains

The Mariner’s Sunrise is an interesting interpretation of the traditional lone star. It uses fewer overall pieces while adding extra dimension to the traditional pattern.  Make it in an ombre version or choose your own color palette.

Vina’s Star by the Cloth Parcel

This pattern uses the classic lone star design, and adds fun tiny stars or a dashed border to it, creating a fresh new take. Her color choices are beautiful, it really creates a totally modern vibe.

Expanding Stars by Quilty Love

If you want to make a lone start quilt, but you’re a beginner or just don’t want any complex piecing, this might be the perfect pattern for you. It uses half square triangles, so it’s not your traditional lone star quilt, but gives off a similar vibe.

Harbor Star by White Plains Quilts

Here’s another lone star-looking quilt. The designer constructed with HSTs but the positioning of the star creates a similar effect to a traditional lone star. Very pretty!

I hope these amazing modern lone star quilt pattern ideas have inspired you to make a lone star of your own! It’s truly a lovely motif and definitely on our quilt bucket list, too!


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