12 Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Ideas For Modern Quilters

Looking for a modern version of the traditional log cabin quilt pattern? Browse these gorgeous geometric log cabin quilts that will inspire every minimalist!

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Log cabin quilts are among the most popular traditional quilt patterns. They can be made using a single large block or smaller pieced blocks, both of which create a striking visual impact. We’ve gathered our favorite log cabin quilts to fire your heart up!

Contemporary Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Desert Cabin Quilt
This contemporary spin takes the classic log cabin quilt block to the next level. The symmetric arrangement of four blocks creates a strong visual impact. A great choice if you are looking for a geometric pattern.

Rocking Chair Quilt Pattern By Modern Charm Stitchery

What I love about this Rocking Chair Quilt is that it takes its inspiration from the classic log cabin block, although you might not spot it right away. There are two color choices available: an ombre colorway for a super modern feel and a three-tone version that holds onto a bit of tradition. Choose the one you’re drawn to the most!

Cabin Nights Quilt Pattern By Prarie Quilt Co

This pattern isn’t only based on the log cabin quilt block, but I really like how modern it turned out bringing together three traditional blocks – the log cabin, the sawtooth star, and the bear paw quilt block – to create an engaging and modern quilt design. I’m sure making it is enjoyable and snuggling under even more.

Log Jam By Pieced Just Sew

This playful pattern is crafted using the same simplified quilt blocks, resulting in a minimalistic style that’s just right for modern quilters. The pattern is perfect for experimenting with block orientation, so although you’re starting with the same block you can get (at least) three different outcomes It is a jelly roll and fat quarter friendly pattern.

Upwards by Paigie Puddles

The Upwards quilt is an awesome modern and geometric take on the classic log cabin quilt block. The clever use of negative space adds a unique element and gives it a contemporary appearance.

Cabin Valley Quilt Pattern By Cotton And Joy

Isn’t this modern take on the log cabin block just stunning? Instead of the regular center square, Fran from Cotton and Joy used a half-square triangle block, and it truly transformed the whole design. We love it!

Snow Cabin By Lo And Behold

Here’s another contemporary variation of a log cabin quilt using the half-square triangle block technique. The design is named Snow Cabin, yet it’s not limited to being just a winter quilt. If created with vibrant, lively colors, it can resemble a field of tulips. The result is truly stunning!

Cabin Fade By HoffMama Company

I’m really impressed by how this pattern creatively uses colors and varying widths for the ‘logs’. The different orientations of the blocks form a composition with an optical illusion. Easy to make and with a powerful visual impact!

Campfire Quilt Pattern By Suzy Quilts

The Campfire quilt takes the traditional log cabin block and adds sashing, resulting in a stunning modern look. It’s the ideal pattern for minimalist quilters who love geometric design and stripes.

Hum A Few Bars By Mary Go Round Quilts

How gorgeous is this modern log cabin quilt pattern? Stripy logs in this fresh vibrant colorway make it a perfect summerish quilt pattern!

Sunshine Cabin By Kindred Quilt Co.

This charming mini 18×18” quilt pattern with a log cabin block at its center will add a touch of brightness to your home. It is a go-to for a fast quilting project or a last-minute gift.

Reverberance By Shannon Fraser Designs

If you’re interested in experimenting with solids and prints, this generously sized log cabin block is an excellent option. The broader stripes will make your prints truly shine and catch the eye!

I hope these log cabin pattern ideas have given you a creative boost, and you’re excited to make your own log cabin quilt. If you make one, we want to hear all about it in the comments below!

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