Beginner-Friendly Quilt Projects from Scraps

If you’re just learning to quilt, try these beginner-friendly quilt projects from scraps. Perfect to use up fabric scraps and give them a new life.

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I may not be a very seasoned quilter (yet), but I’ve been sewing for years. And if there’s one thing every sewer or quilter has, it’s a giant scrap stash. 

If you’ve done any kind of sewing or quilting, you know what I’m talking about. Those piles and piles of scraps that are just too pretty to throw away. 

And really – you shouldn’t just bin them. There are so many beautiful projects to be made just by using scraps. Which means you’re saving money AND being eco-friendly. That’s a win-win, right?

Also, if you are just starting out, it might be a good idea to ask around, if any of your friends or family have any spare scraps you could use. They are perfect for these smaller beginner projects and you won’t feel as bad if something doesn’t turn out as planned because you didn’t spend any money on them anyway…

How to use fabric scraps?

I’ve spent hours on Pinterest (like one does) to find some great ideas to use those fabric scraps. Barbara and I plan on making variations of all of these projects in the future so make sure you stay tuned to see what we come up with.

I know most of us here are still learning, so I’ve tried to find beginner-friendly quilt projects from scraps. All of the ideas here are easy enough to make in a day or two (depending on how skilled you are already). And – like all quilting projects, really – they also make great handmade gifts.

Here we go.

Quilt Project from Scraps

Quilted Potholders

When you think about it, quilted potholders are like super small quilts. So if you’re still practicing your basic quilting skills, potholders are a great project to try.

Choose some bright fabric to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Or go with something more elegant, if that’s your style. Potholders make lovely handmade gifts, so make sure you put them in your quilting project planner for Christmas.

Photo by Coral and Co

There are many tutorials out there, but I really liked this one by Coral and Co. She explains every step in detail (with pictures!) so you’ll easily follow along.

Quilted Oven Mitts

How about some new oven mitts for your kitchen? They are a great afternoon project to practice your sewing skills and perfect to use up some of that leftover fabric.

Raechel does a great job explaining exactly how to make your own pair over at her blog. And, she’s even included a free PDF pattern to print out. 

She makes her mittens out of one piece of fabric as the ‘top’, but you could also make a mini pieced quilt top from your scraps first. Once you’ve made the quilt top, just use it the same way she uses her printed fabric in the tutorial.

Quilted Planters

If you’re a plant lover you’re going to love this project. It’s a simple fabric planter that will turn your plant collection into something truly unique.

Faith from Sarana Ave teaches you how to make one for your plant’s pot dimensions. Follow her instructions to get a perfectly fitted planter.

If you want to make it even more quilty looking, you could quilt over the entire surface (and not just the edges as Faith did here). Or, you could even add some free motion quilting, like Faith suggests in her tutorial.

Ombre Puff Quilt

Puff Quilts are the perfect way to use up scrap fabric. They are a fun version of your classical quilts because they are – well, puffy. You basically create your chosen number of square ‘pillows’ that you fill with PolyFil (or similar material). Then you sew the little puffs together to create a fun soft quilt top.

If you’re just learning to quilt, I’d suggest making a small puff quilt just so you don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the project. I think they’d be great as a playing mat for kids or even a bathroom mat.

Puff quilts have been around for ages, so you’ll find all sorts of things online. But if you want to see something truly inspiring I suggest you check out Lo and Behold’s Ombre Puff Quilt. She’s put a modern twist to the puff quilt by arranging her beautiful color palette into a fresh ombre quilt. She also has detailed instructions on her site. Gorgeous!

Quilted Pouch

A pouch is also a cute little quilting project that shouldn’t take too much of your time. You do need some basic sewing skills, as you’ll have to sew in a zipper. 

I know this seems very scary for a beginner, so if it feels like too much, maybe save this project for when you feel comfortable with zippers. (I gotta tell you, though, they are not as complicated as they look, and as always, practice makes perfect!)

Photo by Simple Simon and Co

This tutorial by Simple Simon and Co takes you through the technique of ‘quilting as you go’ to make the mini ‘quilt tops’ for the pouch and then takes you through the assembly of the pouch itself.

It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

Quilted Wall Art

Another great way to use your fabric scraps is to make cute wall art. There are so many options, and yes, some are more complicated than others. This Rainbow Quilt Wall Hanging Tutorial takes some skill, as it requires you to sew curves. But it’s nothing you couldn’t handle, even as a (confident) beginner.

Quilted Pillows

If you just go over to Pinterest and search for quilted pillows, you’ll get inspired instantly. There are so many fun ways to use your scraps in a pillow. You can use a quilt block from a quilt pattern, or make up your own.

Photo Shutterstock

What is great about pillows is that it’s basically two rectangles sewn together, so you’ll be able to pull this off even if you’re just starting out.

There are different ways to make the closing for the pillow.

If you are very new to sewing and want to skip the zipper part, check out our No Zipper Quilted Pillow Case Tutorial. We show you there how to make a no-zipper closing at the back of the pillow.

Suzy from Suzy Quilts does a great job explaining how to insert a zipper and make a quilted zipper pillow. It’s really not that scary, so if you’ve got a few sewing projects under your belt already, I suggest you try this one!

Scrappy Quilts

Last but not least, you can definitely also make scrappy quilts. If you have enough scraps, of course (and who doesn’t). We’ve compiled a great list of 10+ Modern Free Scrap Quilt Patterns. So go on over there and get inspired. There are some great ones there, I promise!

I hope these quilt projects from scraps have inspired you to try and make something from your stash. And if you’ve got other ideas you think we should share, please let me know in the comments below!

Further Reading

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  3. Baste the quilt.
  4. Quilt the quilt sandwich (either machine quilt it with a walking foot or hand quilt it).
  5. Make quilt binding and bind your quilt.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a small comission if you make a purchase on any of the affiliated sites (with no additional cost to you). Learn more here.

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