Quilted Christmas Stockings Pattern to Make This Year

Looking for a simple quilted Christmas stockings pattern? You’ll be surprised by how quickly this pattern comes together! A super fun afternoon Christmas quilting project.

Up until now, every year it felt like the Christmas season arrived too soon, and I never felt prepared. But not this year. This time around, I’m actually looking forward to the holiday spirit kicking in, even outside our studio. 

That’s because here at DTQ, we got into the Christmas spirit early, making all sorts of small quilting projects and quilts for Christmas! Ula had a great idea for creating a fun Christmas gift block using an improv technique, and this is how our holiday festivities began. 

Since then, we’ve been busy creating our Xmas collection! After the Gift Wrap quilt pattern and  the Gift Wrap tree skirt, Ula’s also come up with a Christmas table runner, and I’m here with another exciting Christmas project – quilted Christmas stockings pattern!


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Modern Christmas Stockings Pattern

I got the idea for this project from these cute samples of the geometric quilting patterns that are hanging in our studio. Ula made them for a tutorial on straight-line quilting and we’re always amazed at how cool quilting designs look on solid fabrics. 

That’s exactly what I wanted for this quilted Christmas stockings pattern. I went for a simple, whole-cloth stocking, because I really wanted the quilting design to stand out. It’s modern and simple – that’s what we like, right?

We had so much fun making it and we’re really proud of how it turned out. I’m excited to share some holiday fun with you. Let’s dive in and get started!

How To Make A Quilted Christmas Stockings Pattern

Follow the steps below and learn how to make this beautiful yet simple quilted Christmas stocking.

Quilted Christmas stockings


– Printer
– Paper Scissors
– Fabric Scissors
– Clips/Pins
– Basting pins
– Sewing machine
– Walking foot


– Printed Quilted Christmas stockings pattern (get the template at the end of this article)
– Stocking fabric (outer) – about 17 x 23“
– Lining fabric – about 17 x 23“
– Batting – about 17 x 23“
– Ribbon for hanging (about 13”)

Step-by-step Tutorial For Quilted Christmas Stockings Pattern:

Free Christmas Stocking Pattern Printable
STEP 1: Get the free Christmas stockings pattern

We created this free Christmas stockings pattern as a gift for new DTQ newsletter subscribers. To download it, all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter using the form at the end of this article.

Christmas Stockings Template
STEP 2: Print and assemble the pattern

Print the Free Christmas Stockings Pattern. Make sure to print it at 100%, do not scale the pattern to fit the paper. (To double check, measure the 2’’ square on the printed page – if it’s 2’’ in real life, you’re good to go.)
Trim each page and assemble the pattern by aligning the black marks in the middle of each page. Check that the outline of the stocking is continuous and tape together. Cut out the pattern.

Cut the fabric and make a quilt sandwich
STEP 3: Cut the fabric for outer stocking and make a quilt sandwich

For the outer part of the stocking, you need 2 mirrored stocking parts. Each consists of one layer of batting and one layer of the chosen outer stocking fabric. Lay out the batting and the fabric (one on top of the other) and cut around the pattern with 1-2 inches offset. This offset is the ‘overage’ required for quilting. Baste it.

Quilt both stocking panels
STEP 4: Quilt front and back panels

Quilt both panels in the chosen quilting pattern. You can make both with the same pattern or play with something different on each side like I did. Check our tutorial on straight-line quilting patterns, Ula has some great pattern ideas.

Cut out stocking pieces
STEP 5: Cut out stocking pieces

Trace the pattern on both the quilted panels and the chosen lining fabric. Cut along the lines. You need 4 pieces in total – two mirrored parts for the lining and two mirrored parts (quilted) for the  outer stocking.

Pin around the edges of the stockings
STEP 6: Pin around the edges of the stocking

Place the quilted stockings one on top of the other, right sides together. Pin in place.

Repeat for the two lining pieces.

Sew both stockings
STEP 7: Sew both stockings

Sew around the outer stocking with ⅜” seam allowance, leaving the top open. 

Repeat the same on the lining. Here, leave the top open, but also leave an opening on the bottom, as shown in the right photo. You’ll need this bottom opening to turn the stocking right side out.

Reduce the bulk along the curves
STEP 8: Reduce the bulk

Cut some darts along the curves to reduce bulk.

Assemble the stocking
STEP 9: Assemble the stocking

Turn the quilted stocking right side out and put it inside the lining (which is still right sides together). Use the bottom opening for more precise assembly. Align the vertical seams of the outer stocking and lining and pin the opening on the top. Sew around the circumference of the opening using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Turn the stocking through the opening on the lining
STEP 10: Turn the stocking

Pull the quilted stocking through the opening at the bottom of the lining.

Sew the opening on the stocking lining
STEP 11: Sew the opening

Finger press the opening flat and sew the opening. This part won’t be visible, so you can use a visible machine stitch.

How to attach loop on the stocking
STEP 12: Add a loop for hanging

Fold the lining over to form a cuff of the desired width. Cut the ribbon, make a loop, and sew it on the inner part of the stocking. 

I made a 3 ½” long cuff with the loop sewn about 3” from the top edge, so the stitch isn’t visible when the stocking is hung. The loop is formed from a 13” long ribbon strip.

Finished Quilted Christmas Stocking

And here it is – your quilted stocking is ready for Christmas goodies!

I hope you enjoyed this quilting project as much as we did! We would love to see how your quilted Christmas stockings pattern turns out!

To get the free Quilted Christmas Stockings Pattern please fill out the form below:


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