The Fastest Quilted Table Runner Pattern Ever

Looking for an easy quilted table runner pattern? Well, you’re in luck! This tutorial not only gives you the simplest way to make a quilted table runner but also the fastest one ever! 

I never really got the idea behind table runners. Before I started quilting I mean. Now I totally get it. It’s a great quick quilting project and yet another chance to add some yummy quilty texture to your home. And we’ll never say no to that!

Speaking of yummy, my girlfriends and I have been planning a sushi night for a while now. And I thought I’d bring these two things together by making a quilted table runner with some Eastern vibes.


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Quilted Table Runner Pattern Idea

I came up with a quick whole cloth table runner tutorial. When I say quick, I mean it. This only took me a couple of hours to make.

The secret behind it is that it skips the quilt top piecing part. Instead, this design really lets the quilting stitching do the talking. Which saves some of your precious time.

So while you don’t have to worry about piecing the top, you do have to put some extra thought into the quilting design. I opted for a light zig-zag stitching pattern on dark fabric to create something that is in my mind reminiscent of a night sky.

Of course, the night sky is not the limit (see what I did there?). You can choose whatever design you like. We have some great straight-line quilting ideas for you to try. Or you can try something completely different. The choice is yours!

How To Make A Quilted Table Runner

In the following steps, I will show you how to make this simple, modern, and super-fast quilted table runner. 

I’ll be using this table runner on a smaller table, so the finished size is about 55×11’’. But you can absolutely adjust the dimensions to fit your table.

Required Tools:

– Fabric scissors
– Rotary cutter and a cutting mat
– Quilting rulers
– Clips/pins
– Basting pins
– Fabric marking tool
– Sewing machine with a walking foot

Things Needed?

– Top fabric
– Thin batting
– Backing fabric
– Thread

Steps to make a quilted table runner:

STEP 1: Cut the fabrics and baste

First, measure your table and add the extra length you want on each side of the runner. For a dining table, it’s good to have about 10 inches of overhang on both sides. Also, add ½ “ to the width and length for seam allowance. 

Cut the top fabric and batting, adding about a 1-2” overage on the batting for quilting. Baste the two layers using basting pins.

STEP 2: Draw the quilting pattern

Using a marking tool, draw the chosen quilting pattern on the fabric. If you need some modern quilting inspiration, check out our geometric straight-line quilting designs.

STEP 3: Quilt the table runner top

Quilt the chosen quilting pattern using a walking foot.

STEP 4: Square the quilted layer

Square up the quilted layer. Measure the exact dimensions and cut the backing fabric to the measured size.

STEP 5: Pin or clip layers

Lay the backing fabric on top of the quilted layer (right sides together). Pin or clip in place.

STEP 6: Sew together

Sew around the table runner with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving an opening on the short side, as shown in the photo. You’ll need this opening to turn the table runner right side out. 

STEP 7: Turn the table runner out

Pull the quilted table runner through the side opening. Straighten everything so you get a nice rectangular table runner and press to get nice edges all around.

STEP 8: Hand stitch the opening

Hand stitch the opening to finish the table runner.

Well done, your table runner is all set for a cozy get-together around the table!

I hope this quilted table runner pattern inspired you to make a new accessory for your dining table. If you make it, let us know how it went in the comments below!

Happy quilting!


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4 thoughts on “The Fastest Quilted Table Runner Pattern Ever”

  1. This is fantastic! I have all my supplies and I’m so ready to make my table runner.
    Hope it comes out as nice as yours. Thank you, Barbara

  2. Just finished making my table runner with your instructions. It game out great and I
    thank you. It went together fast and easy and will be using it on Christmas Day!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Barbara | Designed to Quilt

      That’s so great to hear, Barbara! Comments like yours mean the world to us and really keep us going. 😊 Enjoy the holidays and happy quilting!

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