Inspiring Mountain Quilt Patterns to Bring the Outdoors In 

Reach for the heights with these gorgeous mountain quilt patterns. Make a mountain quilt block or mountains quilt for yourself or your loved one.

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If you’re reading this article I know there are at least two things that we both like. Or love. Quilts – for sure. But probably mountains, too. 

We’ve got so many gorgeous mountain trails here in Slovenia and whenever I find the time to go hiking, it’s a complete reset for my brain and such an inspiration for all my design (and quilt) work. There is just something magical that happens when you move. By foot or by walking foot, don’t you think?

So why don’t we take the best of both worlds and talk about mountain quilt patterns?

What is a Mountain Quilt Pattern?

I don’t know what the dictionary would say about the term ‘mountain quilt pattern’. But for us, 

mountains quilts are all quilt patterns that are inspired by mountains. And the inspiration field is huge! 

There are many different techniques and design approaches to transforming an organic mountain scenery into a quilt pattern design. But generally, I’d say there are two most popular types of mountain quilt patterns.

Firstly, there are quilt patterns that treat the entire quilt top as a natural mountain scenery. The end result is a quiltified mountain ‘snapshot’. Sometimes these quilts depict only mountain ranges. Other times, you might see additional elements, like a river in the front or the Sun above the mountains, etc.

A popular colorway for these patterns is a monochromatic ombre color combo (read more on different color combinations in Ula’s Quilting Color Wheel article). Using different tints of the same color creates a realistic fading effect making it seem like some of the mountain ranges are further away in the distance.

The second type of mountain quilt pattern would be block-based. These patterns take one block depicting a mountain and multiply it to create a more abstract or geometric mountain landscape.

What is a Mountain Quilt Block?

A mountain quilt block is the main building block of a block-based mountain quilt pattern. Most often, it’s made of pieces that form a triangular mountain shape. 

A mountain quilt block can be built of different right-angled pieces, for example, half square triangles or half rectangle triangles. This results in a geometric look of the quilt pattern. A great example of a mountain pattern made of half-square triangles is The Pure Bliss Pattern by AGF Studio which you can see below.

If the mountain quilt block is made of an irregular triangular shape, the final quilt pattern looks more relaxed, abstract, and illustration-like. The Mod Mountains Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts is a great example of this.

To get a glimpse of different pattern design styles we’ve gathered some inspiring mountains quilt patterns. I hope they inspire your next quilting project!

7 Stunning Mountains Quilt Pattern Designs

Pure Bliss by AGF Studio

The Pure Bliss Pattern by AGF Studio is a great example of taking a snapshot of nature and turning it into an abstract geometric design. This is a free pattern and gives you suggestions of fabric selection for making the pattern in a sunrise or sunset color variations. 

Eastern Sierra Quilt Pattern by XOXSEW

This picture-like pattern is made of simple geometric elements which give the quilt a very modern look. It uses mostly large pieces, so this should be quite a quick sew. And you can practice some curve piecing for that Sun detail.

Range by Modern Handcraft

Minimalists, this pattern is for you! I love how Nicole made an illusion of a mountain range with irregular horizontal zig-zag stripes. This is a great example of creating the mountain landscape atmosphere using tints of a chosen color. The cover quilt made in tints of blue gives the feeling of a cold winter morning while the warm orange-pink-purple ombre colorway creates a warm summer sunset vibe. 

Misty Mountains by Patchwork & Poodles

Eliane goes minimalistic too. In her own words,  ‘the Misty Mountains quilt pattern uses big cuts of fabric and a bold geometric piecing for maximum effect.’ The pattern is inspired by the imagery of mountains that recede into the distance. She suggests using 6 colors of the same color family, but don’t be afraid of using completely different colors – this simple pattern can handle them easily!

Snowy Mountain Quilt Pattern by See Kate Sew

Make your snowcapped mountain range! This adorable pattern is made from just one snow-capped mountain block which results in a simple and modern look. 

Scrappy Mt. Range Bundle by Leila Gardunia

Want to empty your scrap bin? Make a Scrappy Mt. Range! If you’re into foundation paper piecing, this pattern is perfect to create accurate mountain blocks. I really like how colorful mountains pop when using low-volume fabric or fabric with a subtle print for the background.

Mod Mountains Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts
I love the hand-drawn, illustration-like feeling of this quilt top design. Did you notice that it’s made entirely of identical triangle blocks? It’s hard to see at first, right? All the triangles have the same finished shape but the irregular piecing and fabric choice make them look completely different. A perfect pattern for a scrappy quilt too!

Ridges Quilt Pattern by Bookends Quilting

If you’re looking for a calming mountain quilt, you will love the Ridges pattern. I love how Steph uses very basic quilting blocks to create this incredibly realistic landscape. And then mirrors the whole thing to give it a completely new dimension.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the top bottom. 😂 I hope these mountain quilt pattern designs inspire you for your next quilting project. And I would love to see your finished mountain quilts. Happy quilting!

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