10+ Fun Fall Quilt Patterns

If you’re searching for some fun quilting projects to work on during the autumn season, check out these cool fall quilt patterns!

We’ve rounded up some quilt pattern ideas and blocks that are inspired by the elements of fall and the warm colors of autumn.

Fall is the perfect season for quilting projects. With shorter days and cooler temperatures, there’s nothing better than creating a cozy quilt.

It’s an ideal hobby for those longer evenings at home, and quilts make for a favorite accessory to snuggle under. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of fun and modern fall quilt patterns. You just need to pick your favorite!


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10+ Fall Quilt Patterns

Have some fun browsing these awesome fall quilts and choose the one for your next fall quilting project!

Hocus Pocus Quilt Pattern By The Pattern Basket

Get ready to make some pumpkin magic with the Hocus Pocus quilt pattern! This geometric quilt design is just what you need if you’ve got leftover fabric scraps in shades of orange, brown, and black. Mix and match solids and prints to create a stylish modern quilt that’s perfect for the fall season.

Forest Floor Quilt Pattern By The Pattern Basket

Decorate your home with autumn leaves by using this recognizable fall motif. It’s pieced of the same leaf quilt blocks, each rotated at 90 degrees. This creates a modern and eye-catching pattern that beautifully captures the essence of fall.

Autumn Harvest By White Plains Quilts

As the name suggests,  this autumn flower field will add a touch of fall brightness to your home. The design is quite simple, using only the sawtooth star quilt block with different fabric combinations, which adds a bit of complexity to the final look. The color scheme is a great palette of classic fall colors.

The Sweater Quilt By Home With Andrea Sims

I really like the striking visual appeal of this striped block quilt. It totally gives off a cozy sweater-like vibe. Using those vibrant autumn colors, it creates a cool geometric pattern that modern quilters are sure to love, especially for fall quilting projects.

Ombreday Quilt By Home With Andrea Sims

Here’s another pattern by Home With Andrea Sims that caught my eye immediately. This square quilt pattern, pieced just from squares, is incredibly simple, making it an ideal choice for beginners. If you use bold solid colors, you’ll end up with a striking modern quilt. The sample quilt has a smart ombre color choice and creates a scaled pattern effect.

Pumpkin Patch Quilt By Sherri Quilts

Mixing the classic Irish chain pattern with pumpkin blocks adds a playful touch to this autumn quilt design. Get creative and choose your own colors for a unique fall color palette!

Fall Quilt Blocks By Ellisa And Higgs

If you’re searching for fall-themed quilt blocks, you’ll find the ideal selection in Ellisa and Higgs’ fall quilt block collection. You can opt for a vibrant leaf quilt block, create charming grapes or a pear, incorporate a mushroom or a hedgehog along with an apple, and craft your very own autumn narrative through quilting. Just remember to include those classic fall colors like orange, yellow, and brown, and you’ll be well-prepared for your autumn quilting project.

Log Cabin Pumpkin Foundation Paper Piecing By Iniminiz

If you’re a fan of log cabin quilts, you’re going to absolutely adore this pumpkin-themed variation of the classic log cabin block! The quilt block comes in two different sizes and uses the foundation paper piecing method.

Pumpkin Spice Quilt Pattern By Primrose Cottages

This eye-catching quilt pattern will for sure bring a touch of autumn to your home, especially if you select fabrics with strong contrasts. However, even if you prefer lighter solid colors or prints, you can’t go wrong—this pattern has its own distinctive charm!

Acorn And Oak Leaves Quilt Block by Burlap Blossom Pattern

Here’s a simple fall quilt block featuring iconic autumn symbols like acorns and leaves. This pattern offers quilt block sizes of 6, 12, 18, and 24 inches. You can create a quilt using blocks of the same size or mix and match different sizes. The minimalistic design of the blocks will give you a modern-looking quilt whichever block size you choose!

Hello Autumn Quilt Pattern By Primrose Cottages

If you prefer to get the full quilt pattern design, go with this cute fall quilt with acorns, leaves, and pumpkins. The larger surfaces in the quilt design offer excellent opportunities to showcase your beautiful fall fabrics.

We’d love to hear which is your favorite fall quilt pattern! Let us know in the comments below.


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