10+ Rainbow Quilt Patterns That Will Make You Smile

Want to make a rainbow quilt? Get inspired by these amazing rainbow quilt patterns that will brighten up any room!

Aaah, rainbows. If you’ve been around here for a while, I’m sure you know about our love affair. A mini rainbow quilt is actually one of the first tutorials I wrote for this blog, and the wall hanging I made back then still makes me smile every time I see it. Which is every day, because it hangs in our hallway!

So it’s no surprise that I’ve been eyeing full-sized rainbow quilt patterns for a while now. There’s something about rainbows that just makes me happy. And making a rainbow quilt will tick more than one happy box for me.

I began where I always do – some good old internet research. I’ve gathered some of the most beautiful rainbow quilt patterns that will inspire you to make one for your own happy place.

Want to see? Here we go!


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What is a Rainbow Quilt Pattern?

Before I share the amazing rainbow quilts I’ve found, I just wanted to make my definition of a rainbow quilt clear. I’ll be focusing on quilts that actually feature the rainbow shape one way or the other.

I’ve found many roundups of rainbow quilts that actually list quilts featuring all colors of the rainbow. So they are more of a color scheme kind of roundups. Which is, of course, a completely legitimate way to look at it.

But we’re rainbow fans over here, so for us, a rainbow quilt pattern, is a pattern that has one or more rainbow arcs as the main element of the design.

Inspiring Rainbow Quilt Patterns

Now that we got the semantics out of the way, let’s take a look at some gorgeous rainbow quilts!

Quilting the Rainbow Quilt Wall Hanging

Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging by Designed to Quilt

Of course, I am going to start with our very own Mini Rainbow Quilt. This is a free pattern and tutorial that shows you how to make this cheerful quilted wall art. It includes all the steps from creating the quilt top to attaching the cute tassels. I love mine, seriously one of my favorite things in our home!

Retro Rainbow by MeganCollinsQuilts

I am sensing Megan from Megan Collins Quilt Shop is a fellow rainbow aficionado. A stroll around her shop will tell you exactly what I mean. 

This Retro Rainbow is such a lovely simple pattern that is great if you want to make your fabric really shine! It only has a few large curves to sew, which means it will come together quickly, and is a great learning project if you’re only starting with curves.

Rainbow Sky by MeganCollinsQuilts

This second rainbow pattern designed by Megan, is a different take on rainbows. But just as gorgeous! Here, the cute rainbows are growing from puffy clouds, creating a real rainbow wonderland!

Giant Rainbow by Crafterhours

If you want to create a real eye-catching rainbow quilt, but don’t want to deal with curves, this pattern is for you. Crafterhours created this clever design where strips are used to create the rainbow arc without any curve sewing. A great option for beginner quilters!

Rainbow Quilt Pattern by Folkway Studio

OK, so this is probably the least rainbow-y pattern of the bunch. In fact, you could also say it’s a sunset and not a rainbow. But I kind of like this super abstract take on a rainbow, if you use the rainbow colors like they did in this sample quilt. I think it’s super modern, don’t you?

Rainbow Splash by Sew Brainy Designs

If you want a real splash of color, then recreate this fun energetic rainbow quilt by Sew Brainy Design. I loooove the colors she uses and if you look at other samples in her shop, you’ll see just how versatile this is. It looks just as great in solids as it does in some fun prints! Love this one!

After the Rain by Quilter’s Candy

Another simple, but adorable rainbow pattern. I love the color combo in this sample quilt. Plus, the pattern includes video instructions that show you how to sew curves! So if you’re nervous about curves, but really want a rainbow quilt, this is a great starting point!

Rainbow & Heart by Quilty Pie

How bout some paper piecing? Create this cute rainbow arc embracing a little heart underneath. It’s so sweet! Make a bunch of these, add some sashing and you’ll have a stunning rainbow quilt!

Budnle of Joy by Slice of Pi

Laura from Slice of Pi created this beautiful Bundle of Joy quilts in a 36″ baby and an 18″ NICU size. If there’s a tiny (rainbow) baby in your life, this would make the perfect gift. And check out Laura’s amazing quilting. I love those clouds, such a great idea!

Rainbow Baby Quilt by See Kate Sew

Kate created this free pattern to make a gorgeous and super modern rainbow baby quilt. Follow her tutorial to make your own. And if you do, please follow her tying technique as well, because how beautiful is that?

Looper Quilt by Miss Make

If you like to hang around the quilty parts of the internet and social, you’ve probably seen more Looper quilts than you can remember. It really is such a cool pattern. And the fun thing is, it can also be used to create an amazing rainbow quilt!

Rainbow Falls by Wren Collective

This is another fun and super modern rainbow quilt that I just adore. I love the fun play with the rainbow curves dissipating into HSTs. And the color combos used in all of these samples really accentuate the modern feel of this pattern. So beautiful!

If you weren’t a rainbow fan before, I’m sure you are now one! There are so many beautiful rainbow quilt patterns to choose from and I hope you found your favorite! Now it’s on to the fabric shop (or stash) to choose those pretty rainbow fabrics!


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