13 Bird Quilt Patterns (Flamingo Quilts Included)

Looking for bird quilt patterns? Browse our favorite bird quilt pattern ideas, where you’ll find colorful parrot quilts and awesome flamingo quilt patterns!

I’ve always been fascinated by birds, but lately, my interest in birds has grown even stronger. One of the reasons for this is my recent holiday in Málaga, Spain, where images of birds are everywhere you turn!

As you may know, Málaga is the hometown of the famous painter Picasso, who had a deep fascination with birds, beautifully expressing it through his artwork.

But we’re not here (just) for birds. We’re here for bird quilts! And I’ve got some amazing patterns for quilts depicting birds of all kinds. Here’s my special bird quilt selection just for you! 


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Bird Quilt Pattern Ideas

Take a look at these mesmerizing bird quilts and quilt blocks that will help you create your very own bird-inspired masterpiece!

Pretty Birds Quilt Pattern By Elizabeth Hartman

If you’re looking for a comprehensive bird quilt pattern, you’ll love this! Just look at these charming birds! The pattern’s playfulness and fabric selection are truly delightful. Creating each row with varying tints and shades of the same color produces a beautiful ombre effect. I absolutely love it!

Bird Quilt Blocks By Ellis And Higgs

Explore these adorable bird quilt block patterns featuring a mama bird, bird nest, or seagull. Let your creativity soar as you sew together your very own quilted bird tale!

Quilt With Birds And Hearts

Love Birds Quilt By White Plains Quilt

This adorable pattern featuring birds spreading love is absolutely charming! The use of basic quilting elements makes it suitable for quilters of all levels. It would be a fantastic choice for an adorable baby quilt!

Winter Wonderland Quilt Pattern By Sew Fresh Quilts

Isn’t this winter wonderland pattern charming? It offers a lot of design spins and opens up numerous possibilities. You can stick to various shades of blue to capture the winter spirit, opt for reds, greens, and whites to give it a Christmas vibe, or be bold and use a wider range of colors to create a vibrant all-year quilt. The decision is entirely up to you, so choose your favorite!

Love Birds Valentine’s Day Quilt Block By Burlap Blossom Pattern

If you’re looking for love-themed quilt patterns or want to create a Valentine’s quilt, check out this adorable love bird quilt block. It’s available in four different dimensions, allowing you to design a quilt with birds of varying sizes. 

Flamingo Quilt Patterns

If there’s one word that describes flamingos, it is fun! Let the vibrant and colorful flamingo quilts inspire you to sew something amazing.

Fabulous Flamingo Quilt By Flamingo Toes

Isn’t this pixel flamingo quilt just amazing? It’s a simple quilt pattern composed of same-sized squares, but it yields a stunning modern look. If you want to speed up the process, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to chain piece rows.

Florence Flamingo Quilt Pattern By Elizabeth Hartman

If you’re looking for a pattern with a more distinctive motif of flamingos, this could be the perfect choice for you. Even though the flamingos are more detailed, the use of basic geometric shapes and the multiplication of motifs still creates a modern finished look. Make it your own by personalizing it with your favorite fabric selection!

Flamingo Fun Tropical Quilt Block Patterns By Burlap Blossom

The flamingo block bundle consists of three blocks: a standing flamingo, a close-up flamingo, and a monstera leaf. Whether you choose to multiply a single block or combine all three, you’re guaranteed to create a fun and vibrant flamingo quilt!

Flamingo Quilt Block (FPP) By Stich Stich

This simple flamingo block uses the foundation paper piecing method. Its bold geometric shapes and modern design mean that no matter which colors you choose, the finished look will still be contemporary and stylish. 

Parrot Quilt Patterns

Embrace the tropical vibes with some fantastic parrot quilts! They are bursting with color and are sure to brighten up your day.

Parrots Quilt Pattern By Sew Fresh Quilts

I love the simplicity of this modern pattern and the distinct look of the parrots. The geometric arrangement enables you to have fun with different colors and prints, creating the parrot family in whatever colors you prefer. The ample background surface provides a great opportunity to enhance the quilt with some beautiful quilting patterns.

Parrots by Quilt FOX Pattern

This curvy quilt pattern has a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of the funky geometric designs from the 70s. It’s fascinating that it’s created from just one block, but it truly comes to life when the parrots are rotated in different directions. Play with various tints or shades, choose bold and vibrant colors, or even go with a scrappy look – as long as you maintain contrast with the background, the parrots will pop out, and the creative possibilities are endless!

Parrot Tropical Jungle Summer Quilt Block By Burlap Blossom Pattern

Here’s a fantastic jungle-themed quilt block featuring a vibrant parrot. You can easily multiply this block to achieve the desired quilt size, creating a striking geometric quilt that modern quilters will absolutely adore!

Big Billz Quilt By Quilt FOX Patterns

This pattern is perfect for all modern quilters and minimalists out there. Its curved surfaces, featuring recognizable tucans’ beak shapes, combined with vibrant solid colors, make a bold and striking visual statement. I absolutely adore the playful and dynamic shapes it offers.

I hope these bird quilt pattern ideas give wings to your imagination and inspire you to create beautiful quilts that truly fly – happy quilting!


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