10+ Modern Halloween Quilt Pattern Ideas

Which is your favorite Halloween quilt pattern? Get inspired by these amazing modern Halloween quilts and make your own!

Believe it or not, when I was a kid, Halloween barely existed here in Slovenia. We knew about it from American TV shows and as kids, we were kind of intrigued. But we didn’t go trick or treating (we actually have a different holiday when kids dress up – but that’s in February!) and we definitely didn’t carve any pumpkins or do any of the ‘American’ Halloween things.

These days, it’s much more popular, but I wouldn’t call it a tradition, still. Nevertheless, kids love the holiday and all the spooky stories around it, so this year the thought of making a Halloween quilt has actually crossed my mind.

I thought I’d go and find some Halloween inspo and search for the best modern Halloween quilt patterns out there. I’ve come across some really great patterns and I can’t wait to share them with my favorite quilty friends (that’s you!).

Get ready for some scary Halloween quilts!

Ghost Quilt by Then Came June

Make this cute spooky quilt pattern perfect for Halloween. The pattern plays with one single ghost block. Just by changing the direction of the ghosts’ tails make it feel like they are floating like spooky little ghosts should.

Make it in a colorful scheme for a super playful effect or use a cool modern monochromatic palette (you can find great examples of both on their website).

Ghost Party by Woolly Petals

This is another cute ghost quilt pattern. What I love about this is that it seems to be a real stash buster, as it uses tiny little squares not only for the ghosts but for the background, as well.

You can even play with the expressions of the ghosts and make them all super scary or super nice. So cute!

Halloween Quilt Blocks by Ellis and Higgs

Nadra from Ellis and Higgs has a whole collection of patterns for cute Halloween blocks. Choose one and repeat it throughout the quilt or grab a whole bunch of them to create a cute Halloween quilt design.

Hocus Pocus by Corinne Sovey

I’ve seen a bunch of different versions of the Hocus Pocus pattern on Facebook and they are all super fun! I love how clever these blocks are and they truly create a great and visually appealing Halloween quilt!

Pumpkins Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

If you want to make a quilt that’s Halloween-y but can be used throughout the fall, you might want to make this cut pumpkin quilt. It uses ten fat quarters to create a simple, but cute fall-inspired quilt.

Coffin Quilt by In Color Order

How about a spooky coffin quilt? Jeni from In Color Order has created this free paper-pieced coffin block. She made a pillow with it, but you can easily turn it into a full quilt. Create multiple coffins using Halloween print fabrics and you’ll have an amazing unique Halloween quilt!

Halloween Haberdashery Quilt by Polkadot Chair

Make some witches’ hats with this great Halloween quilt pattern. The hats here are traditionally pieced, however, they even offer an expansion of this pattern to include a Foundation Paper Pieced version of the Witch Hat Quilt Block. So you can make this fun pattern with whichever technique you prefer!

Bats Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

If you’re into bats you’re going to love making this scary bat quilt for Halloween. And if you’re super into bats, you can make it for any time of the year. I love the simple black-and-white palette on this with the different print fabrics adding some extra visual interest.

Boo Bunting by Patchwork and Poodles

I know, I know, this is not technically a quilt pattern. But it’s a fun quilty Halloween make nevertheless. You can make this fun quilty Halloween decor fit in your room perfectly by adding extra pennants to get the desired length. Super fun!

Sneaky Spiders Mini Quilt by Rachel’s Block Party

This pattern uses foundation paper piecing (FPP), so experience with this technique is required. But just check out how cool this spider quilt turns out! Especially if you add the spider web quilting as she did here in the example. Impressive!

Spider Web Quilt by During Quiet Time

Amy from During Quiet Time created this foundation pieced spider web block that can create an amazing Halloween quilt. Amy made a wall hanging in this example, but I think repeating the quilt block a few more times would create a truly eye-catching and modern design.

So tell me, which of these Halloween quilt pattern ideas is your favorite? Do you make a Halloween quilt each year or are you planning to make one this time around? We’d love to hear about your Halloween quilt plans in the comments below!


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