15 Modern Quilt Strip Patterns

Want to make a striped quilt? Browse our favorite quilt strip patterns and get inspired for your next (stripey) project!

Strips are one of those basic design elements that offer so much in terms of versatility and different visual effects they can create. It’s no wonder they are so popular in quilt pattern design!

And we love them here at DTQ, as well. A stripey quilt was what originally made us pattern designers and another (free) stripey quilt is probably the most sewn DTQ pattern out there.

We love how a simple line can be taken in so many different directions, so we thought we’d put together an inspo board (or in this case, post) with a whole bunch of amazing quilt strip patterns for you!


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What are quilt strip patterns?

Before we jump into the beautiful quilt strip patterns you can make, I wanted to clear up what exactly we’re talking about here. 

Strip quilts or striped quilt patterns are (in our book) all patterns that have lines or strips as main building blocks and the focal design element.

They are often (but not always) made using jelly rolls (a type of precut fabric), which makes it super convenient (less cutting needed). 

As you can imagine this is still a wide range of quilt patterns, so we definitely can’t cover everything. As usually, we’ll focus on modern strip quilts.

15 Modern Quilt Strip Patterns

Here are some of our favorite strip quilts. We hope you don’t mind us starting with two of our very own (one of them is even free).

Deep Diving

Deep Diving by Designed to Quilt

Deep Diving is the very first quilt pattern we designed (wipes a tear off her cheek), so it holds a special place here at DTQ. It plays with three columns of stripes and a solid rectangular background, creating a very modern minimalistic look. And best of all it is truly quick to make and the perfect beginner pattern. No crazy point matching etc., just some simple straight line sewing and you get an amazing modern strip quilt! Grab it from the shop!

Underlined Quilt Pattern

Underlined by Designed to Quilt

The Underlined quilt is the definition of a quilt strip pattern. It uses striped blocks in a fun dynamic composition to create this stripey modern quilt. It might look complicated, but we’ve designed it with some DTQ magic, which helps it come together real quick. AND it’s jelly roll friendly, so you can save on some cutting, if you want to! It’s free for our newsletter subscribers, so sign up here to get it right in your inbox! 

Madeline by Penelope Handmade

Madeline is just the type of pattern we love here at DTQ, simple but stunning. We love how the humble strip can create such an interesting compostion. And because it’s so simple it will look good with pretty much any type of fabric you choose – show off pretty prints or choose a cohesive solid color palette for a super modern look.

Handloomed by Stitch and Yarn

Create a beautiful weaving effect with this gorgeous Handloomed strip quilt. It comes in three different sizes with clear instructions on color combos and positioning of fabrics to create this weave-inspired look.

Midpoint by Cotton and Joy

If you love rainbow quilt patterns (like we do), you’re also going to love this Midpoint Quilt. It’s not a rainbow pattern per se, but with the right choice of colors it can be a great modern version of a rainbow quilt. Choose vibrant prints or a rainbow solids palette for a fresh and happy strip quilt.

The Rows by the Blanket Thief

This is a bit of a different take on a strip quilt, but oh so beautiful. As the designer herself says, the Rows quilt was born out of a love for minimalism and simplicity. Which is something we definitely relate to! It’s a two color pattern that utilizes strip piecing to make it a really quick project.

Happy Stripes by Quilty Love

I’ve loved this pattern ever since it came out (maybe it’s time to make one?). It’s a truly clever design, which I really appreciate. You can use all these precuts: fat quarters, layer cake squares, jelly roll strips or your scrap and some strip piecing for this fun and really happy striped pattern.

Punch Lines by Wren Collective

Another simplistic but gorgeous striped quilt pattern, Punch Lines is super beginner friendly and quick to make. This is great for anyone who shares our love for modern and minimalist patterns. We think it looks especially great in solids, but I’m sure any other fabric would also look amazing!

Hannah by Kitchen Table Quilitng

It doesn’t get much simpler than this Hannah quilt pattern. It cleverly arranges striped blocks and background rectangles in a geometric yet dynamic stripey composition. Very beginner friendly and quick to make!

Funhouse by Glad Hand Sews Quilts

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, try this Funhouse quilt! It may look complicated, but it’s actually labelled as beginner friendly. It uses precut jelly roll strips and strip sets in alternating directions to create a playful geometric quilt design.

Windmill Weave by Sewspicious 

Windmill Weave Quilt is a block-based pattern that’s a modern take on the traditional windmill block. The pattern offers many color variation – make a modern two-color version, show off your favorite prints in the squares or make a scrappy version.

Floor Plan by Kristy Daum

As architects, you know we were instantly drawn to a quilt pattern called Floor plan. And it’s really a pattern to be drawn to! Simple but gorgeous, it plays with lines and small quares to create a fun and dynamic design.

Half Light by Taralee Quiltery and Ponderosa Creative

Hafwas co-written by Tara from Taralee Quiltery and Paige from Ponderosa Creative. As the creatros themselves say Half Light is an ode to the time in between day and night, the dreamy diurnal twilight where almost anything is possible. I love how the addition of just two half circles turns this striped quilt into something completely new.

Scrappy Lines by Side Lakes Stitch

Use up your scraps to make this amazing Scrappy Lines quilt. The quilt is block based using simple stripey blocks with sashing and borders to create this modern geometric look.

Layered Lines by The Little Pine Needle

We’re finishing off with this adorable baby quilt called layered lines. It is written for Jr. Jelly Rolls, but can easily be made with scraps you likely already have on hand. We love this cover quilt using fun and vibrant prints. A great baby girl quilt, don’t you think?

I hope these quilt strip patterns have inspired you to make your very own strip quilt! Is there any other strip quilts you love but we didn’t include here? Let us know in the comment below!

And remember, if you do sew a striped quilt of your own, we want to know all about it!


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