60+ Gifts For Quilters | Best Gifts for a Quilter in Your Life

Browse these incredible gifts for quilters and find the perfect idea for gifts for a quilter on your list!

Whether you’re buying a birthday present or looking for the perfect stocking stuffers, choosing gifts for a quilter (or anyone else, for that matter) can be overwhelming. But we’re here to help!

We’ve gathered the best gifts for quilters out there. These are our favorite quilting tools and notions that we use and love, some amazing special tools that we have our eyes on, and other incredible ideas for gifts for a quilter (whether that quilter is someone else or – you – wink wink).

Browse through these awesome gifts for quilters and get inspired!

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Special Quilting Tools Gift Ideas

I’ll start with the gifts for quilters that I think the recipients would get most excited about. I know I would! I’m talking about special quilting tools that a quilter might not get for themselves, but would secretly (or not so secretly) love to have.

Many of the tools on this list are actually game-changers and might fall into the category of ‘How could I live without this before?’ So if you’re ready to become your favorite quilter’s favorite person, here are some amazing gifts for a quilter.

We quilters love these things! A rotating cutting mat saves so much time for those repetitive cutting tasks, such as trimming HSTs. This rotating cutting mat from Fiskars is an excellent choice!

Slotted rulers are another great tool to help with cutting – accurately and super fast! They can be kind of pricey, so I know a lot of quilters won’t splurge on them themselves. But that’s exactly what makes them the perfect gifts for a quilter!

They come in different sizes. This is a smaller one: Creative Grids Stripology Squared Quilt Ruler. Or if you want to go all in, get the Creative Grids Stripology XL Ruler here.

Tailors Clapper

It may look like just a piece of wood but for us quilters, it’s much more than that. It’s the secret to achieving flat and crisp seams and creases. This handcrafted beech quilting tool is something every quilter will absolutely love. There’s something truly special about the craftsmanship in it.

Get it here >

Half square triangles are one of the most basic blocks in quilting. So you can be absolutely certain that the quilter on your list is going to be making them (probably many of them) sooner or later. Trimming HSTs can however be a chore. There are different special HST trimming rulers that help with the job immensely. Our favorites are:

Mini quilting iron
Although not an essential quilting tool, a mini quilting iron is such a great addition to any sewing room. It’s great for pressing blocks and all those quick pressing jobs next to the sewing machine. We love our Rowenta Mini iron and would recommend it to anyone!

Get it here >

There’s nothing quilters love more than speeding things up! Using a seam roller instead of pressing each and every seam works great for small blocks. A great little tool to add to the quilting toolbox. This Clover seam roller is a great choice.

Cutting + Pressing Station

The combination of this cutting and pressing station is an ideal solution for quilters dealing with limited space. It’s designed to be conveniently placed next to your sewing machine, eliminating the need to constantly get up while sewing. This is also an excellent option for a portable quilting setup (think quilt retreats) – the cover with handles allows for easy transportation.

Get it here >

Many quilters swear by wool ironing mats. The natural properties of wool radiate the heat coming from the iron back up, which means you’re effectively ironing both sides at the same time. This is a great wool cutting mat with different size options to choose from.

Small Tools Gift Ideas

I know many of the quilting gift ideas above can be pretty pricey and they might be in your budget. No worries, we have a whole bunch of useful and fun gifts for a quilter who has all the basic tools and notions already. 

Decorative Pins

There are never too many pins in a quilter’s toolbox. A set of decorative pins is such a cute gift idea for a quilter. And they’re super useful, too. We use ours all the time for organizing our blocks in the quilt-making process. There are so many fun sets to choose from, we love:

We also love these Magic Pins. They are not as decorative but are very easy to handle thanks to their soft ribbed handles. They’re also heatproof.

Embroidery Scissors

These cute crane thread cutters are some of our favorite fabric scissors (they made our list of the 3 best scissors for sewing). And because they’re so pretty they make the perfect gift for a quilter! Cute and useful.

Get them here >

If you’ve got pins, you need a pin bowl! And who wouldn’t want to get this adorable Flower Power magnetic pin bowl? Pairing this with a set of decorative pins (above) would make such a lovely gift.

Mechanical Chalk Pencil

We use a mechanical chalk pencil similar to this one and we absolutely love it. The markings are accurate and the chalk always comes out of the fabric without any problems. I also really like that it has interchangeable chalks, allowing you to use a single chalk holder and switch chalk colors based on the fabric you’re using.

Get it here >

Ruler Holder

When you’ve got lots of rulers (as one should) you’ve got to have somewhere to keep them. This wooden ruler holder is incredibly practical, allowing you to keep the rulers at hand and visible, making it easy to choose the right one. This is particularly beneficial if you have stylish rulers like the ones from Whipstitch Handmade – every quilter would want to show them off in their sewing room.

Get it here >

A hera marker is one of our two favorite marking tools (the other one being the mechanical chalk pencil above). It allows for accurate marking without leaving any residue on the fabric. That’s a win in our book. This Clover Hera marker is our favorite!

Seam Ripper

Every quilter knows the importance of having a sharp seam ripper on hand. This makes it the perfect quilter gift idea! This seam ripper features a comfortable handle, which makes the tedious task of undoing stitches at least a bit easier.

Get it here >

If your quilter likes to hand stitch, they are going to love a leather thimble. We love the selection of colors (and the contrasting stitching!) this Etsy shop offers. 

Needle minder

Magnetic Needle Minder

Another great idea for the hand sewer in your life (which is pretty much any quilter at some point) is these magnetic needle minders. They’ve got so many great designs in this Etsy shop that it’s hard to choose the cutest.

Get it here >

Table Top Seam Ripper

Here’s a fun quilting notion that proves to be quite the assistant! This seam ripper is designed to be securely fixed to the table, enabling you to keep both hands free to concentrate on the specific area you wish to undo. Essentially, it acts as an additional helping hand in your quilting endeavors.

Get it here >

Magnetic Pin Bracelet

We go on and on about these bracelets, and you’ll see us using them all the time. A magnetic pin bracelet is what you get if you mix those slap-on bracelets that were über popular when we were like 10 and a magnetic pin holder. Who wouldn’t want one? It’s so useful and I’m glad I got one for myself, when I bought this for Ula’s birthday 😉

Get it here >

Choosing colors for a quilt can be an overwhelming task. This fun color card deck can help audition colorways and visualize quilting projects before actually cutting into the fabrics.

woven labels

Woven Labels

Quilters love adding labels to their quilts. Especially when they’re such pretty labels! We love these quilt block labels by Sarah Hearts. Or her heart woven labels. There are so many pretty designs to choose from!

Get them here >

Mini Rulers

As a quilter, you can never have too many rulers. And you can never have too many cute things. And if this doesn’t fit those boxes, then I don’t know what does. These mini rulers are actually super useful for so many different tasks (I keep one beside the sewing machine to check the seam allowances etc.). We love these mini iridescent rulers by Whipstich

Get them here >

Fabric as a Gift for Quilters

Much like there are never too many notions in a quilter’s toolbox, there’s never too much fabric either!

Gifting fabric will put a smile on any quilter’s face. Just make sure you gift it with no strings attached, i.e. not expecting to get a finished quilt in return!

Mirror Maze fabric pull

There are so many options when buying fabric as a gift, but I think the best option is buying a lovely fat quarter bundle. Choose a bundle that fits the recipient’s style and color preferences, and your gift is bound to be a hit!

The Fat Quarter Shop has a huge selection of precut bundles, so you will definitely find one that fits your quilter’s style – and your budget!

Quilting Subscriptions as Gifts for Quilters

We love these gifts for a quilter that keep on giving – subscriptions! There are many different options when it comes to quilting subscriptions, here are some ideas that we love:

Quilting Magazine Subscription

Quilters love getting inspired and quilting magazines can be a great source of inspiration! If you can, ask your quilter if they have a favorite quilting magazine and get them a yearly subscription. Another great option is also a digital magazine – the Cutting Table by Suzy Quilts is an excellent source of ideas, tips, and inspiration for all modern quilters!

Fabric Subscription

What’s better than getting fabric once? Getting fabric every month! There are many fabric subscription options, depending on the style and budget, of course. You can get a subscription for the whole year or a few months, both of these options make amazing gifts for quilters.

Check out the Fat Quarter Shop’s fat quarter fabric clubs for some great ideas.

Quilting Box Subscription

Another great option is different quilting boxes that are delivered to the quilter’s doorstep each month (or every two months). What’s inside these boxes varies greatly between providers, but usually, it’s an assortment of specially chosen items which may include fabric, notions, patterns, thread, etc. The Sew Sampler Quilting Subscription Box by the Fat Quarter Shop is a popular choice.

Some subscription boxes provide everything you need to make one (small) quilt project. We love Modern Makes by Alderwood Studio. They have some amazing modern projects!

Quilting Patterns as Gifts for A Quilter

Modern Quilt Patterns

Quilting is all about creating beautiful quilts and quilters always have an endless to do list of patterns we still want to make. But trust me, there’s no such thing as too many patterns! So get your quilter a gift card for a pattern by their favorite pattern designer. Or, even better, choose one of our patterns from the shop

Browse DTQ patterns >

New Sewing Machine as a Gift for a Quilter

This would probably go on the ultimate gifts for quilters list. But if the quilter you’re buying for is someone on the top of your list, it might be just what you’re looking for.

If you decide to buy a sewing machine, I suggest you discuss it with the recipient. Or at least try to find out what their preferences are by talking to their crafty friends, if you want to keep the gift a secret.

Machine quilting

We love our computerized Janome machines and would happily recommend them if they fit your budget. I have a Janome Skyline S6 and Ula sews on a Janome Skyline S5. Both of these would make incredible gifts for a quilter!

If your favorite quilter has a different favorite brand, I recommend searching on Sewing Machines Plus – they offer a great variety of sewing machines and usually offer very good prices. Although I always recommend doing a price check before buying to find the best offer!

If you’re buying a sewing machine for someone who’s new at quilting, Ula has some great tips on what to look for when buying a sewing machine. Her article focuses on machines for kids, but many of her tips are true for beginner sewing machines as well.

Fun Quilty Everyday Items

We quilters love telling everyone we’re quilters. So everyday items with some kind of quilty theme are great as gifts for quilters!

Quilting T-Shirts & Wearables

Get your favorite quilty person a fun t-shirt with a quilty design. We love these t-shirts and sweatshirts from Etsy.

You can also get them some fun quilty socks – Moda has a selection of some fun sewing-inspired socks to check out!

sewing machine keychain

Quilty Keychains

If you’re looking for cute gifts for a quilter, these enamel keychains are definitely a top contender. With lots of quilty designs to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect keychain in this Etsy shop.

Get it here >

Quilting Mugs

If your favorite quilter – like us – runs on coffee, they’re going to love a coffee mug with a quilt design. We love these coffee mugs or this enamel mug from Etsy. Both are excellent gifts for quilters who depend on their caffeine (no judgment here!).

Quilty Notebooks

We don’t know a crafter who doesn’t love some crafty stationery. Get them a simple notebook with a quilty design or get a set of notebooks designed by their favorite fabric designers, like this Ruby Star Society notebook set.

Quilting Game Ideas

We love the idea of quilting-inspired games as gifts for a quilter! There are so many fun ones to choose from and some prove to be super useful for quilting, as well!

This card deck is designed to help build custom quilt blocks.  With 50 cards, including 40 block designs, 8 quilt layouts, and some added tips and tricks, this nifty notion is an ideal gift for your favorite quilter.

As you might expect, there aren’t many quilt-inspired board games out there. But we’re writing a list of gifts for quilters so we found one for you: Patchwork. Patchwork is a 2-player game with the perfect mix of strategy and luck. They even offer an Americana version with components inspired by the United States quilting community and its crafting traditions.

Wooden Quilter’s Puzzle

There’s not a quilter out there who wouldn’t appreciate the craftsmanship put into this wooden quilter’s puzzle. It is absolutely beautiful one of those gifts for quilters who already have ‘everything’.

Get it here >

This is a classic 52-card deck, but instead of your kings and queens, these cards feature lovely quilt block designs.

How about a quilty puzzle? Quilting is, after all, some sort of a puzzle. We love this super pretty Stitch by Stitch puzzle – how pretty is that? Or, if you prefer something more ‘educational’, this Quilts of Gee’s Bend puzzle. Both these options would make excellent gifts for quilters.

Quilting Books as Gifts for Quilters

Last but not least, books about quilting make amazing gifts for quilters. There are some amazing quilting books out there that I think any quilter would love to get.

If you’re buying a book for a modern quilter, here are some of our favorite books that we’re sure they would love:

Gift Cards as Gifts for Quilters

Of course, when all else fails, you can get your favorite quilter a gift card. If you know who their favorite pattern designer is, you can get them a gift card for a pattern (or three).

Otherwise, choosing a gift card for fabric is always a good idea! The Fat Quarter Shop has a huge selection of fabric and they offer gift certificates for any chosen amount. What I really like is that they offer physically mailed and emailed gift certificates. If you’re in a rush, choose the emailed certificate and you can be sure the recipient will get it in time!

There you go. There are more than 60 gifts for quilters on our list, so I am absolutely positive you will find some great gifts for a quilter in your life!

Whatever you choose, happy gifting!


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