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Looking for fun and innovative gift ideas for quilters in your life? Browse our favorite gifts for quilters!

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If you’re into quilting or just looking for a gift for a quilting enthusiast, you likely understand that having a bunch of cool gadgets and useful notions for what you enjoy is always a good thing. 

So, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite quilting tools, notions, and other things that are really handy and that any quilter would love to get (me included, wink wink).

Browse through these awesome gifts for quilters and get inspired!

Gifts for quilters up to $15

These gift ideas are budget-friendly, ideal for thoughtful small gifts or for assembling into a charming quilting set.

Crane Thread Cutters
These cute crane thread cutters immediately grabbed my attention and they’re actually one of the first ‘fancy’ quilting notions in my own toolbox. I absolutely love their eye-catching design! They come in really handy for snipping the little threads for any sewing project. And they add a touch of elegance as a gorgeous sewing room accessory.

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Magic Pins
I know what you’re thinking – pins for a gift? But these aren’t just any pins. What makes these Magic pins special is their ribbed handles that are easy to grab. On top of that, they are heat proof and stick to magnets, which makes handling them even simpler. They come in different sizes, depending on what kind of project you’re doing. If you go for the regular blue quilting pins, you can’t go wrong.

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Magnetic Pin Cushion
Just like the name says, this magnetic cushion does a fantastic job of making sure your pins stay right where you put them. And you know what’s even cooler about this pin cushion? It’s simple shape and the variety of vibrant colors it comes in! It’s the ideal fit for modern minimalist quilters.

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Clover Seam Ripper
Every quilter knows the importance of having a sharp seam ripper on hand. This makes it the perfect quilter gift idea! This seam ripper features a comfortable handle, which makes the tedious task of undoing stitches at least a bit easier.

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Colorful Thimble
A thimble serves as a handy accessory for intricate hand quilting and delicate tasks. You can never have too many quilting notions, especially when they come in such vibrant colors.

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Bobbin holder
The transparent bobbin holder case is another handy notion that helps quilters and sewers organize their threads. It’s a low-cost gift, but one that will be appreciated for sure!

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Tailor Chalk Set
The mechanical chalk pencil offers precise markings, which helps achieve more accurate end results. I really like that it has interchangeable chalks, allowing you to use a single chalk holder and switch chalk colors based on the fabric you’re using. They are easy to sharpen, and when you use up all the chalk you can simply purchase refills instead of a whole new pencil. I absolutely adore it!

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Mirror Maze

Modern Quilt Patterns
Quilting is all about creating beautiful quilts and quilters always have an endless to do list of patterns we still want to make. But trust me, there’s no such thing as too many patterns! So get your quilter a gift card for a pattern by their favorite pattern designer. Or, even better, choose one of our patterns from the shop

Browse DTQ patterns >

Fat Quarter Bundles
Fabric is something a quilter will never say no to!  A cute fat quarter bundle is a great addition to any quilter’s fabric stash! Take a look at these stunning solid colors of fat quarter bundles from Kona Cotton or choose fun fat quarter bundles with prints.

Browse solid fat quarter bundles >

Browse prints fat quarter bundles >

Needle Minder
This needle minder is yet another practical accessory that quilters will surely appreciate. It doesn’t just look cute, but it will also keep your needle safely in its place.

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Quilting Gifts For Up To $25

If you’re looking to spend a bit more on your quilting gift, here are some practical quilting accessories for up to $25 that make great gifts for quilters.

Magnetic Pin Bracelet
There’s nothing better than having your pins right where you need them the most! And this magnetic pin bracelet will do just that.  The silicone bracelet has an adjustable strap, so you can easily put it onto your wrist. The magnetic metal plate is strong enough to easily hold up to 20 pins. I actually got one for each of us as a gift on Ula’s birthday, and we use them all the time.

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Quilting Rulers
Rulers play a big role in the quilter’s world. You can never have too many, especially when they come with a stylish touch. We really love these iridescent rulers from Whipstitch Handmade.

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Ruler Holder / Rack
When you’ve got lots of rulers (as one should) you’ve got to have somewhere to keep them. This wooden ruler holder is incredibly practical, allowing you to keep the rulers at hand and visible, making it easy to choose the right one. This is particularly beneficial if you have stylish rulers like the ones from Whipstitch Handmade – every quilter would be delighted to have them prominently displayed.

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Portable Ironing Mat
A portable ironing mat is a great idea if the quilter you’re buying it for likes to go on quilt retreats and packs up all of their stuff with them. It’s also very useful if they don’t have a dedicated sewing space. This can be used on a bed or a tabletop and it’s easy to store when not needed. 

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Table Top Seam Ripper
Here’s a fun quilting notion that proves to be quite the assistant! This seam ripper is designed to be securely fixed to the table, enabling you to keep both hands free to concentrate on the specific area you wish to undo. Essentially, it acts as an additional helping hand in your quilting endeavors.

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Gifts for Quilters for Up To $50

These quilting tools are incredibly useful – while not essential for beginners, they fall into the “nice to have” category, making them an excellent choice for a gift!

Cutting + Pressing Station
The combination of this cutting and pressing station is an ideal solution for quilters dealing with limited space. It’s designed to be conveniently placed next to your sewing machine, eliminating the need to constantly get up while sewing. This is also an excellent option for a portable quilting setup (think quilt retreats) – the cover with handles allows for easy transportation.

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Tailors Clapper
It may look like just a piece of wood but for us quilters, it’s much more than that. It’s the secret to achieving flat and crisp seams and creases. This handcrafted beech quilting tool is something every quilter will absolutely love. There’s something truly special about the feel of the wood.

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Portable iron
A compact and portable iron is undoubtedly a superconvenient tools for quilting. Its smaller size makes it an ideal companion as you work on your quilt.You can set it up next to your sewing station to quickly iron blocks as you sew them. Also, because it’s so small you can take it along with you wherever you go!

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Quilting Gifts fFrom $50 Up To $100

It’s no secret that quilting is an expensive hobby. So finding gifts over $50 should not be a problem. A great idea is assembling a quilting kit from various items we shared here. Or, choose one of these more extravagant gift ideas below.

Small Wooden Quilter’s Puzzle
How clever is this quilters’ rendition of the tangram puzzle? Crafted from wood, this game serves as an ideal selection for quilters of all levels, providing them with both block inspiration and a source of quilting amusement.

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DIY Barn Quilt Painting Kit
This DIY kit is a great way to explore colors and composition through the art of painting. While it’s not quilting per se it builds up the skills every quilter needs, so I think it’s a fantastic and beautiful gift idea.

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Ultimate Sewing Starter Kit
If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is just starting out in quilting, this kit is a great option. It covers all the essential tools and notions that a quilting beginner needs– from clippers and pins to scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat. It’s a wonderful way to provide encouragement and support for anyone embarking on a new hobby journey.

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I hope these ideas have sparked inspiration for selecting the perfect gifts for quilters in your life. Celebrate good times!

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