The Fantastic Slides + Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023

We’re so happy and proud to announce that our Fantastic Slides quilt is ready to enter the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023!

 If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that for the last two months we’ve been creating a quilt pattern for a bold red and magenta quilt to take part in the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023, hosted by Sarah Ruiz and Elizabeth Ray.


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The Pantone Quilt Challenge

The idea behind the Pantone Quilt Challenge is to make a quilt or a quilted item that features the Pantone color of the year. This year it is Viva Magenta, a bold and powerful shade of red enhanced with the vividness and joy of pink. And this is exactly what we adore about this color – its expressive character and the ability to make stunning combinations with its color wheel neighbor – red.

The Fantastic Slides Pattern

We decided to create a pattern that showcases both magenta and red in a simple yet bold combination. We played around with geometric shapes and came up with a design that features rectangles and half-square triangles arranged in zig-zag stripes. This gives the illusion of movement and adds an exciting dynamic quality to the quilt.

To balance out the boldness of the color combination, we added an off-white vertical element to provide a contrasting neutral tone. It results in a minimalistic yet eye-catching composition that plays with color and geometry to create a dynamic visual experience. The illusion of motion is enhanced with a diagonal quilting pattern.

We had so much fun designing and making this quilt, that there was no doubt when choosing the name – we call it the Fantastic Slides. Enjoy the ride!


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4 thoughts on “The Fantastic Slides + Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023”

    1. Ula | Designed to Quilt

      Danice, thank you. We are really proud of it 🙂 We love your Pantone challenge table runner. Such a great idea!

    1. Ula | Designed to Quilt

      Hey Rachel, no, you’re not missing anything. We don’t currently offer this pattern, but it will be featured in one of the upcoming issues of the Make Modern magazine – unfortunately not until Jan 2025: We hope you put it on your ‘future to-make’ list!

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