European Patchwork Meeting: A Journey of Inspiration and Creativity

In September 2023, I attended the European Patchwork Meeting in Colmar, France. This annual event celebrates the art of quilting and patchwork, drawing enthusiasts from across Europe.

Thanks to support from Creathriv-EU, coordinated by Basilicata Creativa, I had the opportunity to explore this vibrant gathering. Creathriv-EU aims to strengthen the European Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs).

Spread across the picturesque villages of Val d’Argent, the meeting featured over 35 exhibitions showcasing works by renowned artists and collectors. From traditional designs to contemporary creations, each piece reflected the rich heritage of quilting.

The sales area offered a wide array of quilting essentials and novelties, catering to every enthusiast’s needs. But beyond the merchandise, the real highlight was the workshops and seminars. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions provided valuable insights into various techniques and traditions. I attended the workshop on Pojagi, a traditional Korean technique, led by Maryse Allard, an expert in the field. Her contemporary approach added a fascinating layer to my quilting knowledge.

In addition to workshops, the meeting featured talks and presentations covering a range of topics. Engaging with artists, collectors, and historians, I found myself immersed in a dialogue that transcended borders, united by a shared passion for quilting and textile arts.

As a designer and blogger dedicated to modern quilting, the European Patchwork Meeting was a wellspring of inspiration. Each exhibition and lecture sparked new ideas and fueled my creativity. Exploring the diverse displays and engaging with fellow enthusiasts, I discovered a world where artistry knows no bounds. In my quilting journey, the European Patchwork Meeting stands as a vibrant thread—a testament to the creativity and community that define this timeless craft.

This project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.


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